14 Unforgettable Valentines Day Photoshoot Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. Who’s to say it’s only for couples? In fact, there’s no better occasion to create beautiful memories with unforgettable Valentines day photoshoots.

How to Prepare for a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot
If you are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is your jam. Among other things, you’re possibly toying with the idea of a romantic photoshoot to die for.

But who says singles cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day? Grab your camera, go on a photoshoot with friends and capture your friendship. If you prefer street photography, keep your eyes peeled for fleeting romantic moments.

One thing is for sure- nobody has more fun than a portrait photographer. Valentine’s Day is a goldmine for commissioned love-themed photoshoots. If you’re a budding wedding photographer, this is a good warm-up as well!

In terms of preparation, you don’t need every detail of your models’ lives. But for a successful couple photoshoot, you have to understand the story behind the relationship.

Send the couple a questionnaire beforehand. Know where they first met, what they love about each other, and their favourite activities. Be aware of their individual interests and how each of them reacts to the camera. Feel free to suggest your Valentine’s Day photoshoot suggestions as well.

Be it a couple photo-shoot, portraits, or still life, we got you covered. Celebrate love with these 14 Valentine’s photography ideas we compiled for you!

1. Recreate and Capture Your First Date
Of all the romantic milestones, you most likely have a beautiful memory of your first date.

It’s unsurprising not to have any pictures from the first time you were out with your partner. Let’s change that. For your Valentine’s photoshoot, recreate and capture what made your heart flutter on your first date.

It can be funny moments or sensory details (like a specific kind of coffee) that made your first date unforgettable-or seeing your sweetheart wear the first date outfits again.

The little details will help you relive your best memories together and freeze them in a shot.

If you can’t visit the same location, feel free to choose a different relationship milestone or a different setting.

2. Photograph Yourselves Engaged in Your Favourite Activity
To take superb candid shots, you have to feel the joy. You need to engage in what you both love doing together. Make a list of your favourite mutual hobbies. It could be riding horses, playing tennis, or even a picnic before sunset.

Once you have decided on the activity, turn it into Valentine’s Day themed idea.

Use a zoom lens to crop out distractions and focus on yourselves. It helps to use a tripod and a remote shutter when setting up your camera. For an element of surprise, set the timer. In this way, the camera shoots perfectly candid photos.

Make sure you include something related to Valentine’s Day in every photo. This can be a heart balloon, heart-shaped bokeh, or any prop that holds meaning in your heart.

This idea will challenge you to find romance in every location and retell your story.

3. Take Casual Indoor Photos

Some couples are textbook homebodies. Not to worry. There are plenty of ways to create the perfect indoor setting for an exciting photoshoot.


An indoor photoshoot will ease you in front of the camera if that’s your setting of choice. It will spare you the stress of setting up your scene outdoors. 


Make sure your background is free of distractions, and you get the right props to create your desired mood. Find spots with the best lighting. This shoot creates a refreshing change in your everyday settings, with minor tweaks.

4. Have a Boudoir Photoshoot
Boudoir photography is the perfect tool to discover the confidence of being in your own skin.

Boudoir photos call for an intimate and sensual atmosphere. This is in perfect sync with the mood of Valentine’s Day.

Experiment with a variety of soft lights, romantic props, and background props. With time and effort, you will have a photoshoot that effectively captures your unique energy.

To take it a notch higher, check out our article about couple boudoir photography!

5. Take Close-Up Photos of Flowers or Rings
While our previous tips focused on couples, this idea focuses on macro-photography.

Capturing the little details of your relationship makes for a very emotional photoshoot.

If you are engaged or married, you can use your ring to create a heart shaped-shadow on a book. It’s a simple way to honour your commitment.

You can take photos of flowers or their petals on your favourite blanket. You might have a special object that marks a milestone in your relationship. Focus your photoshoot around it. Experiment with your macro lens to highlight the details.

Photo by Tamara Kedves
6. Use Candlelight to Create an Intimate Atmosphere
To capture the sensuality of a relationship, you have to create a cosy and intimate setting.

It is impossible to fake physical intimacy in front of the camera. Showing affection through hugs and kisses make for beautiful shots- only when they are genuine. To have an effortless body language, you need to relax. The setting should put you at ease.

So, set up a warm and welcoming space by using candles or diffused paper lanterns. Not only does this lighten the mood, but the balmy glow also compliments every skin tone out there.

While you’re at it, why not try low-key portraits of your partner using candles as the only light source?

7. Have Fun With Valentine’s Day Signs on a Letterboard
Letterboards are fun. You can customize them any way you like. They add humour, romance, and depth to your photoshoots.

Besides, there is no rule that every Valentine’s Day picture idea must involve people.

Focus on animals, objects, or landscapes that pair well with your personalized letterboard.

The more diverse your images are, the more photoshoot will stand out. And the happier your clients will be with the results.

8. Have a Cosy Golden Hour Photoshoot
The Golden hour exudes romance and warmth. Photograph your models around an hour before the sunset.

Bonus points if you can do this in breathtaking locations. Beaches, fields, and empty streets are drenched in amazing golden tones. Also, they don’t have any distractions.

Play around with stunning backlight subjects, silhouettes, and warm skin tones.

To create a silhouette, shoot with the sun behind your subjects, using manual mode on your camera. If you want dramatic results, try side-lit close-up portraits.

9. Take Fun Perspective Photos of Your Significant Other
Perspective photos aren’t uncommon. But creating them counts as a Valentine’s Day adventure!

You could create a series of photos inspired by love-related themes or simply document your memorable moments.

A pioneer photographer of this trend, Murad Osmann, has a rich collection of perspective photos.

Check out his work. It will change your perspective of romantic photoshoots.

10. Document People for Authentic Valentine’s Day Photos
The great thing about this idea is that you can involve couples and singles. If you want to have fun with your friends, go out with them and capture some of their special moments. Of course, you can also shoot the couple who has commissioned you.

No matter what the location is, the important thing is that you take images that are joyful.

As people interact with each other, pay close attention to their expressions. Hugs, laughs, and other honest gestures make for perfectly authentic pictures.

It will also do wonders for your candid photography skills.

11. Take Creative Photos of Single People
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. You can photograph a group of friends with cheesy Valentine’s Day balloons. Or take photos of children holding up cute signs.

If you’re single, treat yourself to a fancy self-portrait shoot with a friend, a pet, or a family member.

Just because you or your models are single doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun!

You can also plan a conceptual photoshoot. For instance, a photo essay that documents Valentine’s Day through the eyes of a single person.

12. Create Lovely Still Life Photos and Flat-lays
Still life photoshoots on this day involve the objects that matter the most to us. Whether it marks a milestone or symbolizes a special emotional connection, it is a great idea to capture it on Valentine’s Day.

However, when it comes to still life photography, there are a few rules. Avoid overcrowding your scene. You also need to be aware of the rules of composition and framing.

Create a flat-lay composition of romantic souvenirs or your favourite objects. Get creative!

If you would like to know more about how to create lovely still life photos, check out this article!

13. Shoot a Heart-Shaped Bokeh Composition
Hearts, besides roses, are the most known symbols of Valentine’s Day. So it might be a good idea to incorporate them into your images in a subtle way.

Taking photos with heart balloons might do the trick. But if you are looking for something unique, try creating heart-shaped bokeh.

The process is simple and requires only very minimal equipment. The results are spectacular and give your photos a genuine Valentine’s Day atmosphere.

14. Create Unique Photo Gifts For Your Loved Ones
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only about couples. You can also spend this day with your friends and family. You might even want to give them something special to express your love.

There is nothing more personal than creating a heartfelt gift with your own images. You can treasure memories and give them something useful at the same time.

Mugs, photo cards, prints, and photobooks are all awesome gifts you can give your loved ones.

You can, of course, give such presents to your partner as well. The more personal it is, the better. So don’t be afraid to use your imagination when thinking of gift ideas!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to celebrate love.

And who says the camera is not the perfect Valentine? You can recreate stories, capture raw emotions, and narrate numerous love stories with your camera.

Whether you are taking self-portraits, still life images, or commissions from couples, follow our tips above.

So step out of your comfort zone and do it with love. You are sure to end up with spectacular Valentine’s Day photos.