3rd Annual Art of Expression Video Tips

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One World In Focus

The Narrative Video

Expressive Portraits

All About Light

Theme 1: One World In Focus, With Cristina Mittermeier

About The Theme
Nature photographer Cristina Mittermeier discusses capturing good local world view photographs

Telling A Story
Cristina Mittermeier discusses several important things to do when using images to tell a story

Depth Of Field
Cristina Mittermeier explains how important it is to use depth of field to help tell your photographic story

Camera Tools
Cristina Mittermeier discusses how to use several tools built into newer digital cameras to improve your shots

Theme 2: The Narrative Video, With David McLain

About The Theme
Professional videographer David McLain explains how shooting video is all about telling the story.

David McLain discusses how the use of storyboards sets videography apa

rt from still photography

Motion Vs Still
David McLain explains how knowing which basic still photography skills translate to video is important.

Importance Of Audio
David McLain discusses various types of audio used in filmmaking and how to choose which one to use

Theme 3: Expressive Portraits, With Brian Smith

About The Theme
Professional portrait photographer Brian Smith discusses how to shoot more expressive portraits

Great Expression
Brian Smith discusses how interaction with photo subjects can lead to great expressive portraits

Brian Smith talks about location scouting and being set up before your subject even arrives for the shoot

Depth Of Field
Brian Smith suggests knowing your camera settings so you can find the proper depth of field for your subject

Theme 4: All About Light, With Andy Katz

About The Theme
Professional nature photographer Andy Katz talks about using natural light to take great photographs

Quality Of Light
Andy Katz explains how early morning and late afternoon light can add surprising depth and quality to your images

Bright Light
Andy Katz shares ways to deal with light that is too bright for good photos and a technique for better portraits

Train Yourself
Andy Katz talks about paying attention to the light around you before you shoot, and how RAW can save the day

2011 Sony Art Of Expression Video Tips

Theme 1 One World In Focus With Cristina Mittermeier

Theme 2 The Narrative Video With David McLain

Theme 3 The Expressive Portrait With Brian Smith

Theme 4 All About Light With Andy Katz

2010 Sony Art Of Photography Video Tips

Theme 1 Action Storytelling With David McLain

Theme 2 Conservation In Focus With Cristina Mittermeier

Theme 3 Environmental Portraits With Brian Smith

Theme 4 Light Is The Subject With Andy Katz

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