3rd Annual Art Of Expressions Winners

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Our Sony-sponsored 3rd Annual Art Of Expression contest was the biggest and best yet. We received over 14,000 entries, and you can see all of the finalists at www.dpmag.com. The Sony Artisans Of Imagery Andy Katz, David McLain, Cristina Mittermeier and Brian Smith judged the competition, along with the editors of Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer magazines. All of the judges agreed that this was the best pool of talent we had seen in the three years since we started this program. Congratulations to the winners and all of the finalists!

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One World In Focus | The Narrative Video | Expressive Portraits | All About Light

One World In Focus Theme
First Place

by Robin Moore

“This shot was taken in Laikipia, Kenya, a stronghold for both black and white rhinoceros. I saw this beautiful and large white rhino lying down with an oxpecker on its flank and stopped to shoot it; under a brooding sky, I felt there was potential for a dramatic black-and-white image. As two zebras approached, I waited until one had passed and one was approaching the rhino. I decided to lay down for the shot, putting the rhino and zebra on the same plane against the sky, and closed the aperture a little to get the rhino and zebras in focus. I wanted to capture a feeling of drama and majesty and to accentuate the size of the rhino under a dramatic overcast sky.” Click to hear Cristina Mittermeier’s comments on why this photo was a winner.

Honorable Mention
Brian Lackey

People’s Choice
Debbie Calhoun

The Narrative Video Theme
First Place

Memoirs Of A Scanner
by Damon Stea

“‘Memoirs of a Scanner’ is a day-in-the-life view of an office scanner. The idea was inspired by an incredible legally blind photographer I met named Kurt Weston, who shoots his photographs entirely with a flatbed computer scanner to simulate his limited field of vision. (Here’s a link to the documentary I filmed about him and other blind photographers: vimeo.com /5346560.) The video was shot as stop-motion on an HP scanner/copier—‘scanimation,’ as we dubbed it. It was featured by magazines such as Gizmodo and Wired.” Click to hear David McLain’s comments on why this video was a winner.

Honorable Mention
Magee Mcilvaine

People’s Choice
Mark Geistweite

Expressive Portraits Theme
First Place

Morning Surprise
by William Lee

“It’s impossible for us to experience zero gravity at home. I think it would be a big surprise, and the expression would be something like, OMG, if zero gravity occurred at home. I discussed my plan with my daughter about making one photo of zero gravity, and she was so excited. We used one aluminum extension ladder, one 2×4 beam, one small piece of wooden board and 25-pound fishing lines to make a platform to support the balance point near her belly. It was so hard for her to keep balanced with a pose and expression like this, so I had only 10 seconds to focus and shoot each time I put her on the platform. All other floating things were also supported by transparent nylon lines. One softbox and one gelled studio strobe were used for illumination. Safety pillows covered the floor, but weren’t in the viewfinder. Clone Stamp was used in the postprocessing to remove all the nylon lines.” Click to hear Brian Smith’s comments on why this photo was a winner.

Honorable Mention
Michael Schmidt

People’s Choice
Stacy Niedzwiecki

All About Light Theme
First Place

Sunrise Celebration
by Didier Ciambra

“I took this photo very early on a spring morning in Death Valley National Park, Calif. The sun was very close to breaking above the distant hills, highlighting the subtle blues and oranges surrounding the spectacular sweep of clouds. They were also reflecting soft light back onto the foreground of the road, which was beautifully captured in the luminescence of the desert cactus and bushes. It was only once I went into postproduction, carefully teasing out the subtlety of that morning light, that the photo really popped in the most unexpected way. That’s what I saw that day, and I was very lucky to have captured all the elements of that moment so vividly expressed in this photo.” Click to hear Andy Katz’s comments on why this photo was a winner.

Honorable Mention
Marianne Konvalinka

People’s Choice
Joshua Cripps

Contest Prizes

One World In Focus Sony α77 DSLR Camera kit with a 16-50mm zoom lens and publication in Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer
The Narrative Video
Sony NEX-VG20 Video Camera with an E-mount 18-200mm zoom lens and publication in Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer

Expressive Portraits
Sony α77 DSLR Camera kit with a 16-50mm zoom lens and publication in Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer
All About Light
Sony α NEX-7 Camera Kit with an E-mount 18-55mm lens and publication in Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer