8th Annual Your Best Shot

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First Place

Wall Painter
By Ken Rice

This photo is one of my favorites of the year because it’s so colorful and includes a human element,” says Ken Rice. “It was taken in Houston, Texas, on a brilliant spring day on May 1, 2014—May Day, typically a color-filled day. The Lower Westheimer area of Houston is an eclectic neighborhood located on the edge of the Museum District. It’s a melting pot of the finest restaurants in Houston intermingled with tattoo shops, boutique clothing stores and multicultural residential units. I live in the area and always carry my camera to ensure I don’t miss one of the many interesting photo opportunities that arise regularly. This is a photo of a boutique store preparing for a new opening. The wall had previously been painted a drab gray. As I drove by, I was surprised to see such color where previously there had been a nondescript, plain parking lot. Even more delightful—the “Wall Painter” was still busy refining his work of art. I quickly parked down the street, grabbed my camera and took several shots of the wall and painter.”
Leica M Typ 240, Leica 50mm ƒ/1.4 Summilux-M

Second Place

The Bridge
By David Camhi

“On a summer day in New York City,” remembers David Camhi, “I decided to visit one of the local parks in Queens. While there, I noticed a number of boys gleefully playing underneath the bridge. I asked them to split up on either side of the span, and at my signal, to run toward each other. The boys were most happy to comply.”

Third Place

Journey To The Other Side
By David Sh

“Recently, I’ve become very excited about the thought of attempting Milky Way photography,” explains David Shield, “so I decided to plan a night shoot in Yosemite National Park at the end of June during a new moon phase. My original plan was to photograph a panoramic image at Glacier Point featuring the Milky Way and post-sunset light. After photographing the Milky Way, I started to envision what my image would look like if I blended in the following morning’s sunrise light instead, so I decided to wait around and photograph the sun just as it rose above Half Dome. My new plan was to capture the sun rays as they illuminated the foreground trees, hoping this would add a dynamic light feature to my final image. It ended up being a very long night, and some extra time was required in postprocessing, but I loved every minute of the experience.”
Nikon D610, Rokinon 14mm ƒ/2.8, Gitzo tripod, Vanguard ballhead, cable release

People’s Choice Winner

By Renata Apanaviciene

First Place Package:

Publication of the winning photo in Digital Photo
A Manfrotto MK190XPRO3 190 kit – alu 3-section horiz. column tripod + ball head
Tamrac’s Apache 6 Camera/Tablet Bag
A 32GB Professional 600x SDHC UHS-1 memory card from Lexar
A Compact HoodLoupe from Hoodman USA
A Ready For Anything lighting kit from LumiQuest
16×20-inch custom print from Duggal Visual Solutions
Online publication of the winning photo in the Winners’ Gallery

Second Place Package:

Tamrac’s Mirage 4 Photo/Tablet Backpack
A Strobist lighting kit from LumiQuest
A 16GB microSDHC UHS-1 memory card from Lexar
11×17-inch custom print from Duggal Visual Solutions
Online publication of the winning photo in the Winners’ Gallery

People’s Choice Award:

Online publication of the winning photo in the Winners’ Gallery

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