Afternoon Chat: Favorite Song Lyrics?

I hate feeling limited to blog topics about just design or travel or home improvement and I want to connect more with you. I’m so grateful to everyone who stops by to read my adventures but I feel like there is more to talk about than just home decor or DIY projects. I link to a lot of poignant articles in my Weekend Reading roundup which has prompted my desire to enlarge the scope of content.

For a long time I’ve wanted to try something new, basically a “coffee talk” column where I put out a topic and share some thoughts and then we chat about random things that affect our lives or choices we’ve made or the things that inspire us. So here goes, a new series of posts I’ve dubbed “Afternoon Chat” where I pose a question and from the comments read and respond to what you all have to share from your personal experiences.

I thought I’d start with something light like song lyrics, seemed pretty safe. (But I plan on taking on deeper topics soon.) I invite you to participate and lean in so that we can go deeper on topics outside the niche of home decor and DIY.

I’m a music lover and like everyone I’ve developed my own eclectic tastes when it comes to what kind of music I listen to. My choices are always prompted by my mood. When I’m working I’ll listen to classic jazz, but I have playlists for just about every activity: working out, cleaning, entertaining, road trips, etc.

Someone asked me the other day, “What’s your favorite song lyric?” and I just loved being asked that question. Mine’s easy, it stems back to a feeling I had when my family was young, when my kids were little, the lyrics captured what I was feeling perfectly at the time. My favorite lyrics are from the song “Across the Universe” by The Beatles: “Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns…”  Beautiful words from a beautiful song.

I have a running list of more songs with favorite lyrics, but that was my first answer to my friend’s question. What about you? What song lyrics are your most favorite? If you have more than one, that’s okay!


P.S. Random fact: NASA beamed the song into space, just in case the aliens are listening. 😉