Andy Katz

Theme 4 Light Is The Subject with Andy Katz
Composition defines the image space, but exceptional light—both color and contrast—transforms subjects from ordinary to extraordinary. Soft or harsh, warm or cold, full-on or directional, the quality of light attracts our attention and evokes our emotions. Andy will help you see the light.

What You Should Enter: Photos of people and places where the extraordinary quality of light is as important as the subject.

Light Is The Subject
Andy Katz explains that varying your perspective when shooting can help you create the ultimate composition.

Andy Katz
One thing every photographer shares—each of these Sony Artisans included—is a reliance on light to shape their creations, no matter what subject they’re focused on. For Sony Artisan Andy Katz, though, light often is the subject. Working in both color and black & white, whether it’s people, places or landscapes, Katz is able to transcend boundaries of simple subject classifications in order to craft images that are as much about light as they are about tangible subjects. From documenting foreign cultures to creating fine-art images of landscapes closer to home, he has a master’s understanding of the many subtleties of light. No matter where or what you photograph, Katz will help you see the light, as it were, and to photograph it even more effectively. Learn more and see samples online at