AquaTech at Photokina

You may know AquaTech from their Sport Shield or Field Jacket, for keeping your equipment and yourself dry in wet conditions. At Photokina, they are showing several improvements of these products. But the product that they were introducing that excited me the most was their Sensory Gloves.

 No they don’t have built-in sensors to tell you when your fingers are completely frozen or that you are crazy for being out that long in that cold temperature. What the sensory means is that they allow your fingertips to be able to touch your camera controls. Instead of gloves with fingers cut out, or half attached so you can fold them back, the Sensory Glove has a neoprene fingertip with a small hole cut in it. All you have to do is poke your finger through the hold and the neoprene stretches to form a weather tight seal around your finger.

I will remember this glove when winter comes. (Which, in my area, is probably any day now.)