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We’re happy to announce the winners of the Art of Photography Photo Contest presented by Sony, as featured in the December issues of Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo. Be sure to sign up for the Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo eNewsletters to stay updated on all of our photo contests.

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Action Storytelling | Conservation In Focus | Environmental Portraits | Light Is The Subject

Environmental Portraits Theme
First Place

Ted, Tasmainan Sheep Farmer
by Catherine Hall

I captured this image during Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom Adventure: Tasmania, which brought 17 internationally renowned photographers together for a two-week trip to test Adobe’s new version of Lightroom software. Ted is an 80-year-old sheep farmer residing in the small town of Cranbrook, Tasmania. He lives alone because he chose to never marry and proclaims to have broken many hearts. My inspiration was to create an environmental portrait revealing the character of a countryside farmer.
Canon EOS 5D, Canon 24-70mm F/2.8L

Honorable Mention

Bob Feinberg

Duncan Hill

Maryanne Gobble

People’s Choice

Alabaster Craftsman, Volterra, Italy
by Charles Chessler

Light Is The Subject Theme
First Place

by Massimo Strazzeri

I took this photo while strolling on the main seaside walkway in Genoa, Italy. I had my camera with me because I was going to shoot a few friends practicing a parkour course. I ended up being late to practice because I was taken by the beauty of the sunset. All of a sudden, the sun pierced through the clouds and the Alps in the distant background were lit by a beautiful orange/yellow light. I shot a sequence of six photos and used Photoshop CS4 to merge them into a single panorama.
Nikon D3, Tamron 28-300mm

Honorable Mention

Della Huff

Jeffrey Rease

Weng In Leong

People’s Choice

Laundry Day
by Susan Stanton

Action Storytelling Theme
First Place

Horses in Snow
by Tony Bezsylko

It was 15° F outside, with gusts up to 25 mph, when I saw the herd of horses from the farm next to me moving through the blizzard. These horses live on about 100 acres and have little human contact. They were skittish and wary as I approached and wouldn’t let me get any closer than 25 to 30 yards before moving off. They disappeared into a swale, and I thought if I waited and let them settle, I could get a good shot with a clean background of new snow. After 15 minutes, I approached the crest of the swale and they immediately took off, giving me this opportunity.
Nikon D70, Tokina 80-200mm ƒ/2.8 lens

Honorable Mention

William Lee

Kyle Pattison

Matt Angiono

People’s Choice

Double Whirlpool
by William Lee

Conservation In Focus Theme
First Place

Canyon del Muerto, Arizona
by Bryn Forbes

I took this shot while privileged to be camping at the end of the Canyon del Muerto branch of Canyon de Chelly in front of Mummy Cave. Our Navajo guides shared their stories of the cave and its Anasazi roots, which added a huge depth to the already amazing beauty of the place. I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, shooting a series of images all night until the battery ran out. I exposed for the moonlight that was illuminating the cliff and added a subtle extra illumination to the cave with a high-powered flashlight.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Honorable Mention

Kevin Mikkelsen

Sherrie Tallman

Winifred Simon

People’s Choice

Mt. Rainier At Dawn

by William Lee

Themes hosted at Outdoor Photographer
Theme: Conservation In Focus
Prize: Sony A550 DSLR with a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 Zoom Lens and publication in Outdoor Photographer

Theme: Action Storytelling
Prizes: Sony A850 DSLR with a Carl Zeiss 16-35mm ƒ/2.8 Zoom Lens and publication in Outdoor Photographer

Themes hosted at Digital Photo
Theme: Environmental Portraits
Prize: Sony A850 DSLR with a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 Zoom Lens and publication in Digital Photo

Theme: Light Is The Subject
Prizes: Sony NEX-5 Kit with 16mm ƒ/2.8 lens and publication in Digital Photo