Black & White 2014 Photo Contest – Winners

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First Place

By Katia Platonova

“Many years ago, I had a dream of a man in a black coat and a hat standing in front of a rusty door of an old abandoned house,” explains Ekaterina Platonova. “I was right behind him and had a feeling that this moment was particularly important. Time passed, but I still was drawn to go back to that moment, so one day me and my coauthor Andrey Kazakov went to a f lea market to find a hat and a coat. We had our requisite items in the car’s trunk when we were driving to the country a couple of weeks later, and I saw this high-contrast scene with trees. This is how our ‘Man In Hat’ series started. We’re still inspired by this character—someone who plays his own game, and we keep following him.”

Second Place

Sunkissed Tetons
By Chris D’Ardenne

This image was taken during a fall trip to the Tetons. “My first few days were filled with dramatic and ever-changing weather,” says Chris D’Ardenne. “I was scouting for sunset locations, when I noted diffused sunbeams illuminating the Teton range. Pulling off at the closest viewpoint on the outer road, I was able to photograph this dynamic scene. I shot wide-angle using the small stand of pine trees and aspen trees to help anchor the foreground. In a week, with hundreds of photographers filling the park, I was delighted to have this scene to myself.”

Third Place

Anthill, Learning From Nature
By Sergey Ryabov

“This image of a large office building reminds photographer Sergey Ryabov of an ant farm, with the workers on display as they go about their routines. He comments, “We can enter into the office and become one of the ants, or we can walk outside and become an observer.”

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