New Contests

A few manufacturers announced photography contests at Photokina, but they stray from the “send us your best shot” category. X-Rite has the “Where in the World is your ColorChecker?” ColorChecker is X-Rite’s color checkerboard of specially designed patches for use in evaluation of color fidelity. The contest asks for creative submissions of images that contain […]

Eye-Fi at Photokina

Photokina is a large show spread across many halls. Tucked away in one of those halls is something called the USA Pavilion. No they aren’t serving Freedom Fries or Vienna Beef hotdogs from Wrigley Field, it is just a small grouping of booths showcasing some interesting technology based in the “States”. One of these companies […]

SanDisk at Photokina

Some of the buzz around Photokina has been about the trend for SLRs to start recording HD video, and that is just fine with SanDisk. While people were quite happy with the current capacities of CompactFlash cards, adding video to the mix changes everything. SanDisk has increased the size of their Extreme III CF card […]

Speedy Memory

Memory cards aren’t sexy. You rarely see crowds around a Photokina booth looking at a pro photographer talking about the latest Compact Flash cards. But you and I know that cards need to work and they need to hold a lot of images, the bigger the better. At Lexar they have 3 families of memory […]


Portable storage devices have been around for awhile (“awhile” being a relative term in the digital photography epoch) so when I passed by Hyperdrive’s booth on my way to an appointment at Photokina I stopped just briefly to figure out what they were showing and then moved on. On my way back I spent a […]

X-Rite at Photokina

Any time you hear “monkey” in a press conference, you know the day is going to be different. And any time the director of marketing is addressed as “doctor”, you know you are at an X-Rite press conference. X-Rite manages color. They can manage it at the camera level with color checker charts, they can […]

The Sigma Low-down

Sigma had a few new products to introduce at the show today. Their Foveon sensor based DP1 has a new partner — the DP2. Side by side they look pretty similar, but the DP2 comes with a 24.2mm F/2.8 lens (41mm equivalent) versus the 16.6mm F/4 (28mm equivalent). In case you missed the Foveon low-down, […]