Botanical Relief Art

Botanical Relief Art

I tried my hand at a clay version of botanical relief and shared those jewelry holders last week. It was a satisfying project because I love working with different materials and making things with my hands.

Relief sculpture dates back to the dawn of humanity, we’ve always been storytellers through art and we are creative by nature. My fascination with bas relief art continues, the raised impressions of botanicals cast in plaster are so beautiful. I love the isolation of natural elements preserved with the careful hands of an artist.

I thought I’d spotlight some makers on Etsy and their beautiful botanical bas relief artwork in case you’d like to add one to your collection. They’re guaranteed to catch the eye of visitors hanging on your wall or displayed on a shelf. They would make a unique gift too!


lily grass


botanical leaf


polygonatum relief


wheat & rye wall hanger

appletree relief

alliums relief


summer wildflower

chestnut leaf



summer flower circle


herbs relief

pressed garden flowers



snowdrop oval set


Follow the links above to be led to more relief artwork by these artists. 🙂