Brian Smith

Theme 3 Environmental Portraits with Brian Smith
Capturing people in illustrative surroundings and situations creates the total picture of the person. As a celebrity photographer who works with larger-than-life personalities, Brian has mastered the art of placing his subjects in illustrative surroundings.

What You Should Enter: Friends, family or interesting people set in surroundings that make the picture more than a headshot.

Finding The Right Location
Brian Smith examines how choosing the appropriate location is crucial to a stunning environmental portrait.

Brian Smith
Celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith has photographed both the famous and infamous, and he’s equally comfortable in-studio and on location. It’s his environmental-portrait prowess that allows him to tell much more about a person than could ever be gleaned from a simple headshot. The art of environmental portraits, in which the photographer uses the subject’s surroundings to add information and interest to an image, are Smith’s forte. He will share his expertise for crafting sublime contextual portraits, whether you’re photographing well-known luminaries or the girl next door. See more of Smith’s amazing photographs on his website,