Clustered Art Displays

Clustered Art Displays

I added new prints to my art shop this month and I’m always thinking about the various ways to display prints in a home. Earlier this year I featured some modern looks for art ledges, then took a closer look at different ways to display black and white art. Today’s focus is again on displaying artwork, but with a slightly different take on the popular gallery wall that stretches across a space.

An art cluster could be considered synonymous with a gallery display, but I see them differently. Clustered art is hung strategically close together to create a focal point behind a chair, bed, above a sofa or table, or above a desk or console. The allure comes not just from the asymmetrical layout, but also from the negative or empty space on the wall that surrounds the clustered artwork.

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Below are some suggested examples of art clusters in small to larger groupings pulled together with frames of various sizes. The clusters below all allow for roughly 3 inches between frames.


My favorite sources for frames are Michaels, IKEA, and Target but there are plenty of other places to order online! What is your favorite source for picture frames?