Contender: Blake Lipthratt

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Blake Lipthratt

Where are you based?
St. Simons Island, Georgia

When did you take the photograph?
Fall 2012

What equipment did you use?
Canon Digital Rebel Xti, Sigma 10-20mm

Please describe how you got this photo?
I was photographing the shrimp boats docked at the waterfront when all of a sudden this cat jumped out from one of them, evidently searching for leftovers on the boat decks. He didn’t seem skittish, so I followed him around, snapping randomly with my camera low to the ground. Something suddenly caught his attention, making him look to the side and strike this regal pose.

{loadposition inpage} Did you use any special techniques?
Dodging and burning in Photoshop and minor HDR processing in Photomatix, which was blended in at 50%.

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