Contender: Dana R. Middleton

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Dana R. Middleton

Where are you based?
Mandan, North Dakota

When did you take the photograph?
January 30, 2008

What equipment did you use?
Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-200mm lens, Manfrotto tripod

Please describe how you got this photo.
My wife was at a medical conference in Baltimore and I was tagging along. I used Baltimore’s public transportation and went exploring. I found the tree and set up my gear. Camera settings were 1/15 sec at f/20 and ISO at 200. I had never seen Japanese Maple trees before and I was determined to find one. Nearly the entire day was spent getting to the tree and getting back to the hotel.

{loadposition inpage} Did you use any special techniques?
I used a tripod, but I don’t think that is really “special”. More like mandatory.

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