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Eric Guth

Where are you based?
Portland, OR

When did you take the photograph?
I took the image in July, 2012.

What equipment did you use?
Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35mm lens, Oben tripod, B+W 9-stop neutral density filter

Please describe how you got this photo.
Glacial ice washes ashore after calving off the Breiòamerkurjökull glacier on Iceland’s eastern coast. Many photographers ply this black sand beach to capture their own ephemeral glacial diamonds. This isolated piece was far enough down the beach to provide separation from the otherwise clustered scene of wave washed ice and sand.

{loadposition inpage} Did you use any special techniques?
During the waning light of summer, this image was created over the course of a 4-minute exposure while I backlit the grounded glacial ice with a headlamp for 2 of those 4 minutes. The 4-minute exposure was achieved with the help of a 9-stop neutral density filter and a tripod.

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