David McLain

Theme 1 Action Storytelling with David McLain
From assignments for the National Geographic to travel and lifestyle clients, David manages to tell his stories in a way that seems almost effortless. He works hard at finding and recognizing opportunity, and will share his techniques with you.

What You Should Enter: Photos of landscapes, wildlife, travel, and sports that capture a special moment in time or peak action that speak to a broader story.

Action Storytelling
David McLain illustrates how different types of light can help you achieve your desired composition.

David McLain
David McLain is a globe-trotting photojournalist who has built a career telling stories visually. He tells real stories of real people, most frequently for National Geographic, and he applies those same narrative skills to assignments for commercial clients that value the photojournalist’s passion for authenticity. Whoever he may be working for, McLain manages to tell his stories and communicate the power of real, decisive moments in a way that seems almost effortless. He works hard at it, though, and he’s going to explain how he does it, in depth, right here. To see more of McLain’s work, visit his website at davidmclain.com.