Day Four

Photokina is a little strange compared to other large trade shows I have been to. Usually a show’s busiest time is the first day, and maybe the second. It seems like with this show, the first day was the lightest. It may be because it starts on a Tuesday but I don’t know that for sure.

 Also, I’m not sure if I really should be calling it a trade show–just a habit I guess. I bring this up because anyone can go, not just people “in the business”. There are various tickets that can be bought by the public depending on whether they want to attend for a day, a few days or the whole six days.

The show is laid out in several large exhibit halls and many of the halls have two floors. The vendors in each hall are sort of grouped together, but not quite. Many of the camera manufacturers are in four adjacent halls, but camera bags, for example, are wide spread.

Even though I have been here for five days, I still haven’t been to all of the halls. I went to the bottom of Hall 10 today and wandered through the section on paper and large format (very large) printers. Also tucked away in a section was a few 3D photo companies showing some of their results. I saw a rig of Canon PowerShot cameras attached to a mount for taking all the images for a lenticular 3D photo.

But as I was walking near the end of the Hall 10 floor, I came across the Korea and China pavilion. (There was a USA/Canada pavilion in one of the other halls.) I guess they are grouped together looking for distributors and other contacts but it definitely seems strange to see one booth presenting binoculars immediately next to photo frames, which is next to memory card cases, and so on, and so on…