Entertaining Games for Winter Nights

Entertaining Games for Winter Nights

My friends, how are you doing? I hope you’re not feeling too much stress because of the holiday season and virus situation. I’ve shifted my mindset and decided for the next six weeks to just stay indoors and keep things cozy while we ride out this cold weather and the pandemic.

I’m planning on spending those winter nights hanging with my family and a few close friends by the fireplace. In those moments when we’re not staring at our phones, we like to connect with games or puzzles. A family favorite is Jackbox games that we play with our phones and the TV, those are a lot of fun. I’ve mentioned a few other favorites below in this list of games to keep us all entertained for the coming winter. Share your favorites too!

Home Team Baseball Game


Personalized Lake Cribbage Board



Blokus (my son’s new favorite)


Brain Teaser Wood Cube


Tabletop Cornhole


What do you Meme?  (Family Edition)


Pando Adult Trivia


Half Truth Trivia Game


Penny Hockey Game


Catan board game


I Dissent – trivial nonsense game


Werewolf (I play this a lot with my cousins!)


Not Parent Approved – family friendly mischievous answers game


Hella 90s Trivia Game


Headbanz Adulting

Pick your Poison – Family Friendly Edition


 Heads Up! and Psych! are both fun app based games to play with smartphones


Gutterhead is and Adult Party Drawing Game that’s very funny




Jumbo Dominoes


Villainous Strategy Game

What games are you playing with family and friends this winter? Share your favorites I’d love to know!