Extra Wide Headboards: 3 Different Looks

Extra Wide Headboards: 3 Different Looks

Elongated or extra wide headboards are becoming increasingly popular, so much so that retailers are now offering options for free standing upholstered and wood versions. These extra wide headboards have a unique style because their width extends beyond the width of the mattress, unlike traditional headboards.

We can label these as winged or landscape or elongated headboards, noting they all are wider than the bed mattress and incorporate the nightstands. Take a peek at this trending style in headboards and tell me which one appeals to you most.

Style #1: Upholstered Panels
Upholstered versions feel cozy and enveloping because they’re fabric. These provide a backdrop for both decorative shams, sleeping pillows, and the nightstand. These upholstered versions can be custom ordered, or a DIY project completed with plywood, foam, batting, luxe fabric, and a good staple gun.

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DIY wrap around headboard

You can purchase a few stand alone upholstered versions where the headboards have wings that stretch beyond the mattress and include the width of the nightstands.

sorrento upholstered bed by pottery barn

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Style #2: Wood Frame
This style also stretches beyond the width of the bed mattress to incorporate the nightstands. Because we need plugs and lighting next to our beds, some of these are designed with electrical outlets, integrated sconces, and bedside shelves.

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Style #3: Built In Ledge
This final example of extra wide headboards is a built in version and stretches the length of the wall behind the bed. Some examples run planks vertically, others horizontally, but all feel integrated into the room’s design.

It’s possible to recreate these as a DIY project with 2x4s and wood planks or tongue and groove panels. Like the examples above, you’d want to include electrical outlets to allow for lighting and charging stations, or add drop down or built in sconces to flank the bed. The top can be trimmed in wood to allow for various displays of art, vases, candles, etc.





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Which of these three styles of extra wide headboards appeals to you most, upholstered, stand alone wood, or built in ledge?