Free Printable: Four Seasons Bookmarks

Free Printable: Four Seasons Bookmarks

One of the things I’ve gifted myself during this pandemic is more hours spent reading books. I’ve adopted the slower pace of the world. I’m old school and I like turning pages of paperback or hardcover books, so I rarely buy a digital version. I like marking my favorite passages and stacking my favorites on shelves for future reference.

I’ve run short on bookmarks so I designed some new watercolor botanical versions to hold the place where I left off in all my half-read books. The four seasons seemed an appropriate subject.


There are two ways to print: at home using your own home printer, print the Single Sided Seasons Bookmarks PDF. I recommend using cardstock if you have it so they’re more substantial in weight.

But you can also print them as a two sided copy, this is what the backside looks like. Bonus! Notice they are different patterns, but I used the same botanical motifs as the front copy.

If you want your bookmarks to be two sided (and save your color ink cartridge) then opt for having an off site company print them for you. Fed Ex or Staples make it easy and you can pick up same day or next day. At Staples, a set of these four double sided bookmarks on cardstock cost less than $2.

Download the Double Sided Seasons Bookmarks PDF from this website and save it to your computer, tablet, or phone, then upload the document to a local printing site for same day pickup. I chose the Simple Print project at Staples. Make sure you choose a double sided document and cardstock.



You can also laminate them. I uploaded the double sided file to my local Fed Ex and chose lamination so I can give them away as a gifts, that option costs less than $5 for four bookmarks.



Pick up same day or next day, and cut them out. Print more than one to give away as gifts or to keep on hand to mark pages in favorite texts or recipes in cookbooks.

Single sided Seasons Bookmarks PDF
Double Sided Seasons Bookmarks PDF
*for personal use only