Gallery Features

Interactive Features

Lightboxes Create collections of your favorite photos in the gallery—either your own photos or those posted by others. You can create multiple lightboxes, and easily add images to a lightbox while browsing the gallery.

Lightbox Sharing You can share a link to your lightboxes with friends via e-mail. This allows you to create and share your own web galleries within the larger gallery.

Ratings, Comments & RSS
You can rate photos (one to five stars) and can comment on them. You also can follow the comments about specific images via RSS feeds.

Gallery Viewing

Category Links & Search
Find images by location, subject or other characteristics.

Sort selected images by popularity, ratings, photographer name, specific keyword and date.

General Features

User Accounts
Anyone can view galleries. However, to submit to the galleries or use interactive features, a user account is required.

Image Uploads
The new system accepts JPEG files up to 4MB.