Portable storage devices have been around for awhile (“awhile” being a relative term in the digital photography epoch) so when I passed by Hyperdrive’s booth on my way to an appointment at Photokina I stopped just briefly to figure out what they were showing and then moved on.

On my way back I spent a little more time and had a chance to take one apart. I’m not sure they wanted me to, but that’s me. It was then that it dawned on me. This storage device can be purchased without a drive. You can buy your own 2.5″ SATA drive to put in it.

It is not just a storage drive with a text display–it has a 3.2″ LCD display for browsing through your images. With a rechargeable battery it can download up to 250GB on a single charge. And it can display both JPEG and RAW files. Plus if you are a metadata fiend you can display a full list of EXIF data.

They call it the COLORSPACE UDMA. The UDMA relates to the fact that it can support UDMA memory cards in order to get super fast downloads.

When I have used devices like this in the past, I was always reluctant to delete images from my memory card until I got home and dropped the images on my computer. So if I am downloading everyday, I end up with a lot of duplicates. The device supports incremental downloading so that only the files that haven’t been downloaded are copied.