Keeping Your Camera Dry

A while back I was on a rafting trip on the Colorado river. While I had access to a camera with a waterproof housing, the rest of my stuff was tightly sealed in a dry bag. I’m glad it was during the rapids, but for several hours I wish I had brought a smaller dry bag to carry with me.

Camera Armor decided to turn the concept of placing a camera bag inside of a dry bag inside out. They put the dry bag inside the camera bag. First off it is a sling style camera bag, which means it goes over your head an one arm. With the way the bag is designed, it allows you to swing it off your back to your chest without taking it off so that you can access your camera.

But when you open the Seattle Sling you don’t see the typical velcro attached dividers, instead you see an orange dry bag insert. Once you open that you get to the dividers. When you close the magnetic flaps of the dry bag and fold it up (according to the printed-on-the-bag instructions) you have a waterproof seal to keep your camera dry.

I know that they are a Seattle company but do you think the Seattle Chamber of Commerce appreciates that the bag that is waterproof in the rain is called the Seattle Sling?