LensPen at Photokina

While the name of this company leaves you with the impression that they only make one product, a quick pass by their Photokina booth tells a different story. While they were showing new product introductions like ScreenKlean for cleaning small (and medium-sized) LCD screens, the biggest attention getting was the SensorKlear Loupe.

More than just a way to microscopically examine your image sensor (there are similar devices out there that do that), this device allows you to clean the sensor while looking through the loupe. Previously it was just a guessing game… look at the sensor, perform a cleaning pass and then look again. If it didn’t work, rinse and repeat.

Now you can look at the sensor as you are cleaning it. The loupe has a small notch cut out that allows you to stick a LensPen designed for sensors (SensorKlear) into the camera body and go to work on the sensor. All the while the bright LEDs are illuminating the surface. They have redesigned the SensorKlear to have the tip at an angle to make it easier to clean the surface.

One thing I overheard at the booth that impressed me is that the inventor of the device stressed that for dry dirt a blower bulb is the first step and many times that will fix the dust problem. They don’t want you to clean the sensor if it doesn’t need it. Good advice.