LumiQuest at Photokina

It would have been nice to stop by LumiQuest’s booth at the beginning of Photokina (I will explain in a bit).

LumiQuest introduced the FXtra, any easy to use set of filters for external flash units. Rather than fooling around taping gelatin filters the lens of your flash, the Lumiquest device is a plastic sleeve the allows you to insert precut filters. The sleeve has hook-and-loop fastener tabs for attaching to your flash.

If you already use LumiQuest products you’ll already have the hook-and-loop fasteners on your flash. And you can use FXtra underneath any of there products. The kit comes with eight gels including several for color balancing your flash to match existing light.

I mentioned that I should have stopped there first, because the color temperature of the light in the various Photokina booths made me think Dorothy was going to break in to song any moment now.