Mini Patio Makeover

Mini Patio Makeover

Over the weekend I completed a project that’s been on my list for a month. I wanted a more attractive appearance to the entrance to my rental studio and also a little conversation spot where I could sit and look at the trees and visit with a friend for coffee, wine, etc.

I ordered the outdoor chairs a month ago but never assembled them because that was the week we went into lockdown because of this virus. The quarantine was the reason I postponed this project, but with summer coming soon, I decided to finally tackle it. It only took a few hours to complete and what a difference a few details can make! I pulled together a set of chairs, two pillows, a few planters, and a metal table in a simple black and white palette. It’s less than 20 square feet but so very sweet.

Here’s a glimpse of the space before. Under the window was a patch of dirt with an overgrown rosebush.


To allow for seating, I added some pavers between the left wall and the rosebush. I found 16×16 stone pavers at Lowe’s for $3.50 each.

I dug out just enough dirt and leveled the pavers in a line so I could place the chair legs and planters on an even surface.

I added a few plants purchased from Lowe’s: Japanese Aralia, Ponytail Palm, and an Abelia shrub. Once the chairs were assembled and the plants repotted, I had myself a mini patio!


I chose black finishes for my conversation set to coordinate with the iron railing attached to the stairs at the entrance, and to provide contrast against the white exterior backdrop.

It was the quickest and easiest makeover ever. In life, it’s the little things! 🙂

Sources:  black chairs / metal table / outdoor lumbar pillows