Mirror On the Wall

At Photokina there were many booths displaying digital picture frames, but quiet honestly I have been to shows where there have been more. After awhile they seem to blur because there are so many shapes and sizes but the styling starts to look similar. (No letters please.)

When I walked by the Mirage photo frame display by JOBO, I was a little puzzled because it was turned off. I thought it was strange that you would be demonstrating your product by not having it turned on. But that was really the point.

The Mirage looks similar to a mirror on the wall until you turn it on. JOBO realizes that digital photo frames aren’t always on. And when they are turned off they look like an empty picture frame–because that’s what they are.

The mirror display on the Mirage hides the empty picture frame and looks great by itself. The display was show in three sizes 7, 8.4 and 15 inch.