New Contests

A few manufacturers announced photography contests at Photokina, but they stray from the “send us your best shot” category.

X-Rite has the “Where in the World is your ColorChecker?” ColorChecker is X-Rite’s color checkerboard of specially designed patches for use in evaluation of color fidelity. The contest asks for creative submissions of images that contain a ColorChecker in the scene. A panel of industry judges will select the 10 best images. Prizes vary.

On the other end of the spectrum (but certainly no less fun) is the SanDisk Point & Shoot Film Festival. SanDisk is asking users to submit videos shot on consumer point and shoot cameras in five different categories: Kids, Pets, Dance, Action and Comedy. The grand prize is $10,000.

With this contest, SanDisk is encouraging users to think more about the video capabilities of their digital still cameras. A $10,000 encouragement to switch the mode dial from still to movie is not a bad idea.