Picture Perfect Porto

Whenever I’m asked about my trip to Porto, I always describe it as the closest thing to walking into a painting. This was the last stop on my adventure through Portugal after visiting the Algarve region, Lisbon and Sintra, and stopping briefly in Aveiro. Porto was magical and I’m so happy I spent my last few days in the country wandering the streets of this picture perfect place.

Porto sits on the edge of the Douro River, and boats of all sizes and from all eras pass through the waters creating such an enchanting scene you’re forced to pause every few steps along the riverwalks just to take it all in.


The famous Luís I Bridge dominates the vistas along the Douro River and connects old town Porto with Gaia across the river. It’s easy to walk across the bottom to connect to both riverwalks on each side, or venture up to the top to connect to the higher parts of the city to see the massive views below.





Each side of the river is alive with music and people and cafes, the combination creates an irresistible pulse where you’ll want to spend a lot of time strolling and people watching, especially in good weather.




Continue into the town and choose your own adventure. Duck down alleys, turn random corners, and climb twisting staircases, and the city will reveal itself to you.










It would be tragic to visit Porto and not set aside time to taste wine and the specialty ports of the region!





Did you know not only Port wine but the country of Portugal itself were named after the city of Porto? I can see why! I am counting the days until I return.  When I do, I plan to spend more time in the Douro Valley, but until then, Porto forever will be one of the most picturesque cities I’ve ever visited.

You see, I told you, it’s just like a painting. 🙂