Plug-In Sconces My Electric Fireplace

I’m hosting various events each month in the evenings at my studio and I was struggling with what to do with my one blank wall in the main gathering area. Originally I was thinking of a credenza + art combo but really I was hoping to give the space a cozier feel. I also had the huge dilemma of a lack of lighting. I’m renting in an older building and there are no wall sconces or overhead lights in this space so it gets really dark in the winter months.

With colder months on the horizon, I wanted a solution that would add warmth and light for the season but also not be permanently fixed, so I decided on an electric fireplace + plug in wall sconce combination. I’m pleased with how it turned out because now I have a focal point that’s attractive and practical, but also temporary!


I bought this pair of sconces from Lamps Plus, $120 for the pair is a decent price. I purchased them in brushed nickel (they’re also available in bronze) but wanted them to have a gold finish so I spray painted them with my go-to brass lookalike spray paint. Unlike the bronze, the cords on this style are clear so they don’t show up as much against the neutral wall.


I’m totally loving my new slim electric fireplace! You’ll notice the stain color is a few shades darker than featured on the website but I’m so happy it is because it adds more contrast. The electric fireplace gives the space extra warmth and ambiance and a little mantel for display. I’m very grateful to Matt for helping me assemble it, I totally appreciate his second pair of hands! If you’re curious about my cord solution, notice how I hide the plug and cords behind the adjacent blanket basket. You can view the opposite wall of my sitting space here.


If you’re looking for a contemporary looking electric fireplace for your home, check out last week’s roundup of contemporary electric fireplace options.

Aaaand…. a group of attractive plug in wall sconces, all under $80 each:

kiven white / tehenoo sconce / globe sconce

cleo black / braidy (nickel and bronze) / danxu set

aundria with shade / brady matte black / cage sconce


Conclusion: It’s easy to create a fireplace focal point by totally faking it, no chimney or electrician required.

decor sources: boulder chairs / coffee table / pillows / rug / candleholders

(artwork is my photography)