Register And Get Exclusive Photoshop Actions

Click here to download our exclusive set of six Photoshop Actions* FREE! (see below for instructions)

B+W Glamour
Turn color photos into creamy, dreamy black and whites


Color Boost
Add extra juice and pop to landscapes and scenics


Vintage Poster
Go retro with subdued color, high contrast and dappled light


Smooth Paint
Give your photos a painterly touch for pop art


Lighten Exposure
Instant enlightenment to open up underexposed shots


Golden Hour
Get the rich, warm hues of early morning and late afternoon light


INSTALLATION (These Actions require Photoshop CS3 or later)

Put the .ATN file from the zip into a directory of your choice. It does not need to be in the Photoshop directory.
Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu.
Select the action set file from the directory where you saved it.
Click Load.


Open your photo in Photoshop. We recommend working on a copy of your photo (not the original).
Open the Photoshop Actions Palette. If the Actions Palette is not displayed, go to Window > Actions (Actions should have a check next to it).
Select the Action you want to use, and click the “Play” button at the bottom of the Actions Palette.
Each step of the Action will appear in your History Palette, so you can back out of changes.

*What is an action? An action is a series of edits or commands that are bundled together to create a “script” that can be used to repeat an effect or fix for your images.

Click here to download our exclusive set of six Photoshop Actions* FREE!