SanDisk at Photokina

Some of the buzz around Photokina has been about the trend for SLRs to start recording HD video, and that is just fine with SanDisk. While people were quite happy with the current capacities of CompactFlash cards, adding video to the mix changes everything.

SanDisk has increased the size of their Extreme III CF card to 32GB. The speed rating of the card is 30MB/sec., which translates into being able to download a full card in about 15 minutes.

If you want an even faster card, the Extreme IV is rated at 45MB/sec. This higher performance series will always lag behind in storage capacity than the Extreme III. Test show that this card is the fastest by far.

(Everything is a tradeoff, do you want the highest speed or the most storage — and both aren’t an option!)

One last showing at SanDisk’s Photokina booth had to do with card readers. I know they can be pretty boring to talk about but they are introducing two new readers that have some interesting industrial designs. I mentioned to the SanDisk folks that their designers must be pretty bored with designing the look of a memory card. Let’s face it, it’s a label. The rest of the shape (I refuse to say “form-factor”) is pretty much set in stone by the CF standard.

With these new readers, the designers finally got to create something other than a label. Looking more like something out of an Isaac Asimov book, the two readers are attached to a three-legged base via a magnet. There are two versions, an All-In-One and a Multi-Card that reads just about everything but an ATM card.