Simple DIY: River Stone Magnets

Simple DIY: River Stone Magnets

I’m always looking for ways to bring more natural or organic materials indoors. I ordered some polished river stones to cover some roots on my indoor tree but I set a few aside so I could use them as magnets for my little black refrigerator in the small kitchen in my studio. I love smooth river rocks, they feel so good to the touch! I once used a shower in a Hawaiian vacation rental and it had a mosaic river rock floor and I never forgot it. River stones are so soothing!

I bought a set of gold circle magnets and river stones online (I bought the 2-4 cm size), then used an all purpose adhesive to attach them to the stones.



To make your own, you’ll need small magnets, I ordered these gold ones, but they are also available in nickel too. You’ll also need smooth river rocks too. It’s the simplest project in the world, glue the stones to the circle magnets with an all purpose adhesive and allow them to dry.


Once the glue is dry, use them on any magnetic surface, from memo boards to refrigerators!



I do love the natural addition to my indoor potted tree although I do need to order another 5 lb. bag for full coverage!



I can see these as drawer pulls too, can you? The same concept can be used on a bathroom vanity or a dresser.

Yet another way to bring something natural into your home!