Sony Gear

Sony Alpha Cameras
Sony α (Alpha) cameras put professional quality in your hands and are supported by an extensive system of lenses and accessories, plus Sony’s years of experience recording and displaying life’s images. All α cameras are equipped with SteadyShot® INSIDE image stabilization so your images will never fall victim to camera shake regardless of which lens you’re using, from the widest wide-angle to the longest telephoto. This advantage differentiates the Sony cameras from other popular lines that offer stabilization only with selected lenses. With stabilization built into the camera, each lens doesn’t have to carry the complexity, weight and price tag of this feature. The wide range of camera models—each with unique and innovative features—means that there’s a Sony α digital camera that’s perfect for you. Learn more »

Full-Frame Alpha Cameras
Sony full-frame models α900 and α850 feature massive resolution through their large, full-frame image sensors. At 24.6-megapixel full resolution, these innovative pro and advanced amateur full-featured DSLRs deliver image quality that’s second to none housed in rugged bodies that are built to live up to the needs and expectations of professionals. Onboard processing in these DSLRs is through their powerful Dual BIONZ processors—the brains of the system. BIONZ technology, coupled with a high-power coreless motor and a high-speed parallel-link mirror mechanism, enable you to capture the decisive moment, whether you’re shooting fast-action sports, wildlife, photojournalism or just a pastoral sunset. Learn more »

APS-C Alpha Cameras
The Sony α Alpha line of DSLRs with APS-C-sized image sensors has features and functions to match your creative needs and your budget. Advanced autofocus systems, high-resolution sensors and in-camera image-stabilizing technology are just some of the features in these DSLRs. Live View technology gives you the option of composing on a large, high-resolution LCD, and the cameras have onboard help guides to help you get the very best images you can in any situation. Learn more »

Alpha NEX Cameras
The hot new Sony α NEX series has just been released and features a revolutionary design that delivers DSLR picture quality, but with half the size and weight of conventional cameras. By eliminating the mirror and viewfinder common to DSLR cameras and relying on a new high-resolution LCD screen, the NEX cameras can be made incredibly compact and lightweight. NEX cameras are perfect for travel and outdoor applications where size and weight are a prime consideration but an SLR-sized sensor is still desired. The new α NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras offer complete interchangeable-lens options, professional-quality results and low-light performance that’s unparalleled in cameras of their size. The Alpha NEX cameras are built with large APS-C-sized image sensors, and they have incredible features like built-in HDR and Sweep Panorama. A new mount, the Sony E-mount, and new high-tech lenses make the NEX line a full system. Learn more »

Sony A-Mount Lenses
Sony α interchangeable lenses offer a world of options that place the power of pure, crystal-clear performance at your command. Choose from super-wide-angles, all-in-one zooms, extra-long telephotos or specialized macro lenses—each delivers outstanding results, and each is designed to perform perfectly with your Sony α camera. That’s the real excitement of owning a digital SLR—the ability to match the lens to the situation and get the results you truly want. For NEX camera users, there’s a broad assortment of E-mount lenses, and you can use Sony A-mount lenses on these new cameras through an optional A-mount adapter so you’re assured that you’ll always get the best shot. And because image stabilization is built into Sony Alpha cameras—not the lenses—every Sony lens is effectively an image-stabilized lens. There’s a Sony α interchangeable lens to match the needs of every photographer and every photographic situation. For maximum versatility, image quality and overall performance, you’ll never be disappointed. Learn more »

Sony A-Mount Carl Zeiss Lenses
World-famous Carl Zeiss lenses set the high-quality standard other brands aspire to reach. They feature exclusive professional-grade technology, including Super Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass, multiple aspheric elements and Carl Zeiss T* coatings on glass-to-air surfaces to reduce reflection and improve light transmission. Learn more »

Sony A-Mount G-Series Lenses
High-end, professional-quality Sony G lenses are fast and silent, thanks to SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) technology. They feature circular apertures for beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds (bokeh), and deliver tack-sharp results shot after shot. Learn more »

Sony A-Mount Single-Focal-Length Lenses
With a wide assortment of “prime” lenses (nonzoom type), you’re always assured of optimal quality. The 35mm ƒ/1.4 G, for example, closely reproduces the natural field of vision of the human eye, and it’s popular for both general photography, as well as more demanding applications where you need the best possible sharpness. Learn more »

Sony Accessories
The rarified experience doesn’t stop with a Sony α camera and collection of lenses—that’s just the beginning. Sony offers a complete assortment of carefully matched accessories to enhance your photographic enjoyment. Sony electronic flash units open a whole new world of creative opportunities. The HVL-F58AM, for example, offers off-camera wireless control, auto white balance adjustment and world-renowned ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering capability. Sony straps, cases, gadget bags and filters are built to provide maximum protection with minimum obstruction. The wide variety of Sony accessories, including remote releases and vertical control grips, means you’ll always have the tools you need to make the most of every situation. Learn more »