Summer Vine Print DIY Pocket Pillow Covers

Summer Vine Print   DIY Pocket Pillow Covers

This new fabric was designed as a climbing vine with meandering leaves that stretch up to the sunlight. The print features sketched leaves on a climbing vine and I just released it! May I introduce you to my newest pattern: Summer Vine.

It’s been a few years since I shared the steps I use to make pocket pillow covers (no zipper). Once you master this easy technique you can make new pillow covers for every season!


This method works for any square or rectangular pillow. I believe it’s better to sew the cover it a little loose the first time, you can always go back and tighten up corners and seams later.

You need a piece of fabric wide enough to wrap around your pillow insert with a few extra inches to overlap on the back and form the pocket opening. For example, if your pillow insert is 20”, you’ll want to cut a piece of fabric that measures approximately 48” wide (sides 3 and 4).  Those extra eight inches allow for fullness and to wrap around the pillow to form the overlapping pocket. Sides 1 and 2 should be cut to 22” in length, allowing an inch of extra fabric around the top and bottom of the pillow.

First, hem the edges of sides 1 and 2 so your rear pocket opening has a clean edge.


Next, turn the fabric upside down so the pattern is facing down. Lay the pillow insert on top and wrap the rectangular piece of fabric around. Determine the overlap for your pocket. Remove the pillow insert and while the fabric is still turned inside out, pin the top and bottom of the pocket opening.


Before I sew the cover, I like to lay the pillow insert on top once more to confirm the placement of the seams for sides 3 and 4 so I know when I’m done they will be the right size for the pillow cover.


While the fabric is inside out, sew sides 3 and 4 to form the pocket. That’s it, you’re done! Turn the pillow cover inside out and stuff it with the pillow insert. If it’s too loose, tighten up and edges or corners with the sewing machine.



My Summer Vine fabric is available in eight colors! Five have a solid background, olive, ebony, taupe, apricot, and azure…

… and there are three watercolors hues available too!


Find all eight colors available as fabric and wallpaper in the Summer Vine Collection in my Spoonflower shop. You can also have these fabrics made into various home goods at Roostery.

I love Ebony as wallpaper.


Watercolor Azure is beautiful made as a sheet set.


The taupe colorway makes a lovely neutral duvet cover.


Watercolor Apricot is perfect as a spring tablecloth or table runner.


And I so love the Watercolor Olive print as placemats or dinner napkins.

I’ll be sharing more patterns later this year! And I know some of you are interested in a tutorial on how to make repeating patterns so I’ll put together a post on that soon.