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MyPhotoExhibits gives you the ability to create your very own virtual 3D photography exhibits in a personalized Soho-style exhibit space and share them with your friends, or the world! Membership is free, so sign up, and start showcasing those beautiful photographs of yours.

Upload your high resolution images from your desktop or laptop. Make your photo exhibit your own by selecting from a number of gallery space types, furniture, frames, and lighting options. Once your exhibit “opens”, keep it fresh by changing your photos, or tweaking the look of the exhibit. Create as many exhibits as you wish to showcase all of your travels, events, projects and more.

Get inspiration by easily viewing public exhibits. Check out your friends’ exhibits, or search by category. View Tamron’s recommendations, Tamron’s how-to exhibits, and much more.

Invite your friends to your exhibit opening by email or through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms. Make your exhibit “by invitation only” or go public and share it with the world. You can also submit your photography exhibit to Tamron for review to be included in Tamron’s recommended exhibits.

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The World’s Lightest, Smallest 15x Zoom, with Tamron’s First Standing-Wave Ultrasonic Motor System for SLR Lenses and PZD (PIEZO Drive)!

The acclaimed Tamron 18-270mm VC ultra zoom is the lens without limitations. It’s ready for anything from dynamic wide-angle landscapes to telephoto action. Designed for APS-C format DSLRs, the lens has reached an astonishing new level of compactness, performance, and speed with the addition of PZD (PIEZO Drive), an innovative ultrasonic autofocus motor based on an advanced piezoelectric design. The result is a lens that’s considerably lighter, noticeably shorter, and much slimmer profile than any previous lens in its class, and provides faster, quieter auto-focusing.

Signature features that have made this amazingly versatile lens the world standard in its class have been retained. They include a 28-419mm equivalent (15X) zoom range, an improved, lightweight, compact Vibration Compensation (VC) system, macro focusing to 19.3 inches throughout, and, of course, superlative imaging performance.

The world’s lightest, smallest 15X all-in-one zoom with PZD motor and VC anti-shake
18-270mm Di II VC PZD

Ultimate all-in-one zoom: longest, steadiest lens on earth
New PZD AF system provides fast and quiet autofocus
Contains Tamron’s Vibration Compensation System allowing for blur-stopping power with no annoying motion delay in your viewfinder
15x zoom ratio – the world’s largest
The lens covers an angle of view equivalent to that of a 28mm wide-angle to a 419mm ultra-telephoto with just one lens
Allows users to capture once-in-a-lifetime images of panoramic landscapes or close-up pictures of children smiling, without having to get too close to the subject and without having to change lenses

The world’s first F/2.8 high-speed standard zoom lens with image stabilization. Tamron
SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD

World’s first full-size, high-speed standard zoom with built-in VC (Vibration Compensation). Even when shooting in low-light conditions with a slow shutter speed to render sharpness, Tamron’s acclaimed VC allows for stable handheld camera work, to more fully enjoy the benefits of this high-speed zoom lens
Uses specialized high-grade glass in the three LD elements, three Glass Molded Aspherical Lenses, one Hybrid Aspherical Lens and two XR (Extra Refractive Index) glasses, delivering top-of-the-class quality images suited to this high-grade lens. Using a rounded diaphragm, the lens achieves gorgeous blur effects
Features USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) to power a speedy AF drive together with a continuous manual mechanism.
This high-speed standard zoom lens has a wide-end focal length of 24mm that expands the photographic area
The lens adopts the new technology, including the latest optical design, VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization, and USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive), all in a lighter and more compact package
Moisture-resistant construction helps prevent water from penetrating the lens

An Extra Low Dispersion lens made from high-grade materials delivers best-in-class resolution. Tamron’s own Ultrasonic Silent Drive and Vibration Compensation make the lens fast, quiet and easy to use.
SP AF70-300mm Di VC USD

New optical system optimized for digital cameras achieves top resolution in the 70-300mm class with specialized glass elements including an XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) lens element
Fast focusing with USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive), Tamron’s ultrasonic autofocus drive
Equipped with Tamron’s VC (Vibration Compensation) image stabilization
Full-time manual focus at your fingertips
Better balance and consistent length with internal focusing
Enjoyable photography for a wide range of enthusiasts, from those using traditional film cameras, to digital SLRs with full-frame or APS-C-sized sensors
Uncompromising countermeasures to reduce ghosting and flare

Try out “VC” in the online simulator!

Attention to Tamron Users Only!
With the summer approaching, we are excited to announce our next photo contest My Travel Exhibit. In addition to creating your own 3D virtual exhibit on MyPhotoExhibits featuring 8 to 14 of your best shots that depicting your travels taken with Tamron lenses, you will also be featured in Tamron’s newsletter and website. Professional nature photographer, writer and adventurer Ian Plant will be choosing the winning exhibit based on the overall image quality and originality of the collection. The winner will also receive one of five Tamron lenses. Entry deadline is September 30, 2012. Click to enter now.

Wide-angle range for small-format sensors
SP AF10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II LD Aspherical [IF]

Specifically designed for exclusive use on digital cameras with smaller-sized imagers
This ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for digital SLR cameras, with the first-ever focal length range of 10-24mm—the 35mm equivalent of 16mm ultra wide-angle to 37mm semi-wide-angle—is a perfect tool for creating dramatic landscape, cityscape and seascape imagery

Perfect portraits with fast-aperture depth of field
SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di 1:1 Macro[IF]

Tamron’s world-renowned 90mm macro has evolved even further by incorporating Tamron’s “Di” (Digitally Integrated) optical design, making it ideal for use with both digital and film cameras
While inheriting the same optical configuration of the previous model, the “Di” version features a new optical design applied to its coated surfaces
The lens is recommended as an easy-to-use portrait macro lens for use with a film camera, and as a convenient telephoto macro on APS-C-sized digital cameras, since it provides a full-sized equivalent angle of view of 140mm

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Visit Tamron’s MyPhotoExhibits online 3D photo gallery and create your very own virtual 3D photography exhibits in a personalized Soho-style exhibit space and share them with your friends, or the world! Membership is free, so sign up now, and start showcasing those beautiful photographs of yours. Be Inspired !

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