The Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $200: Our Top Budget Picks

Sleek and compact, the best point and shoot cameras under $200 allow you to simply shoot, edit, and turn special moments into collectible memories. Ideal for photography enthusiasts, these hand-held gadgets come in different sizes and specifications that are shaped according to a specific user’s needs. Today, we’ll be exploring some of our top finds in terms of price and functionality.

The Best Point and Shoot Cameras Under $200

Minolta MN35Z-BK Digital CameraCanon PowerShot ELPH 190Kodak PIXPRO AZ252Kodak PIXPRO AZ421FUJIFILM FinePix XP130AiTechny Vlogging CameraKodak AZ401 PIXPRO 16MPROSDECA Vlogging Camera

1. Minolta MN35Z-BK Digital Camera

Minolta MN35Z-BK Digital Camera
The Best SLR-Type Camera on a Budget
Combing basic and mid-level features that make daily shoots more experiential, the MN35Z-BK bridges you to a wide array of shooting and editing functionalities.


An SLR-style point-and-shoot camera loaded with a 20MP sensor and 1080p HD video capability, the Minolta MN35Z-BK rolls efficiency and practicality into one sturdy package. Paying close attention to detail, its 35x optical zoom and image stabilization features allow you to shoot from a distance without sacrificing image quality. 

Its bright LCD display comes in pretty standard at 3 inches. This, along with advanced shooting modes such as frame shooting, panorama, burst, and time-lapse, offer maximum flexibility as you shift from scene to scene. To top it off, its 26 scene modes give you full control over your output. It comes with built-in presets for landscape and portrait images, and it allows you to select from a wide range of shooting modes, including Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority. 

The MN35Z-BK also offers two connectivity options: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Compatible with Mac OS 10.8/10.9,10.10 and Windows 7/8/10, transferring and sharing files is just a few clicks away once you get the app installed. Frankly, this camera is not really big on connectivity because of some complexities with its app. But if you need a point-and-shoot camera that can bring color and detail to your shoots, the MN35Z-BK is one of the most cost-effective buys out there.

20MP image and 1080p HD video capability
35x optical zoom
26 scene modes
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled

Connectivity issues

2. Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190
The Best Point-and-Shoot Camera for Casual Photography Needs
The ELPH 190 puts a playful twist on even the simplest photography shoots with its variety of filters and scene modes. Perfect for that daily walk in the park, this portable device makes it extra easy to just point, shoot, and go.


A pocketable digital camera that’s easy to use, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 keeps depth, clarity, and perspective at the touch of your fingertips via its wide-angle lens. Its 20MP CCD sensor and 720p HD video capability are decent for its price point, but what makes it above average is its 10x optical zoom, which comes in handy when you’re shooting within a 24-240mm-range. 

Its optical zoom is paired with an optical image stabilizer (with Intelligent IS) so you can produce crisp, blur-free images. Keeping its plus points rolling are its diverse scene modes, which make up for a shoot-and-play experience. Through its filters, you can select different effects such as Toy Camera, FishEye, and Monochrome effects. 

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The ELPH 190 also opens you to a convenient shoot-and-share experience through its built-in Wi-Fi connection, however, you do have to download software to access it.

With an A+ in terms of image quality and portability, this point-and-shoot camera gives you the freedom to bring fun and creativity into your images.

Sleek, portable design
20MP CCD sensor and 720p HD video capability
10x optical zoom

Connectivity issues

3. Kodak PIXPRO AZ252

Great Value for Money
Designed with a great zooming feature, this budget camera allows you to change sceneries and make tweaks on your images, making your shoots easy and convenient.


Flaunting a clean, sporty casing is the Kodak PixPro AZ252, a point-and-shoot camera that looks more like an SLR than a pocket-sized digicam. Its sturdy hardware is made even more functional thanks to the 24mm wide-angle lens, which is paired with a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor and a 25x optical zoom feature. With AZ252, you can get crystal-clear images whether you’re up close or not. Even better, its wide lens buries any problem you might encounter when you’re shooting wide landscapes or group photos. 

Its sensitivity range is reasonable at ISO 80-3200, which allows you to produce 720p videos. It also has a built-in optical image stabilization feature that keeps the shake out of your outputs. Plus, its three-inch display grants you unfettered freedom when it comes to finding the right angles for your subjects. All the practical features of this camera work even more efficiently with its 22 scene modes, which were designed to help you produce better results as you shoot and go.

If this device has any disadvantage worthy of note, is its battery life, which is shorter than average. But overall, this camera is packed with all the right features at a low price.

16MP image and 720p video capability
24mm wide-angle lens
25x optical zoom
22 scene modes

Short battery life

4. Kodak PIXPRO AZ421

Kodak PIXPRO AZ421
Top Point-and-Shoot Camera for Wildlife or Astrophotography
Astrophotography is now made possible by AZ421, an exemplary camera that gets you closer to your subject without asking you to move an inch.


Zoom into the stars and get extra creative–the Kodak PixPro AZ421 bridges you to endless possibilities. Jam-packed with exemplary features, this handy camera is one of the best entry-level models out in the market. With a rugged build and 42x optical zoom lens, this camera outshines the competition as one of the best point and shoot cameras under $200.

Its superior zooming capability is the perfect accompaniment to its 24mm-wide lens, which enables you to capture wider subjects. You can literally zoom into the moon and get crisp details even when you’re at a distance. As if its 42x optical zoom lens isn’t enough, it also comes with a 4x digital zoom feature that allows you to get razor-sharp shots. 

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It produces 16MP photos and 720p videos, which is above average for this price point. The AZ421’s weak spot is its short battery life. But in general, if you’re looking for a camera that you can use at a distance, the AZ421 is hands down, one of the best choices in the budget-friendly department.

16MP photos and 720p videos
42x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
24mm-wide lens
Great, sturdy build

Short battery life

5. FUJIFILM FinePix XP130

The Best Adventure Camera Under $200
Ski in the Arctic or dive deep into the Pacific, the XP130 is built for the adventurous soul. Waterproof, freeze-proof, and shock-proof, you can now get all your memories recorded without worrying about a few bumps on the road.


The FujiFilm FinePix XP130 is where quirky meets fun, thanks to its functional build. A waterproof point-and-shoot camera that keeps all your outdoor activities onboard, the XP130 is somewhere between a classic camera and an action camera. It is not as rugged as GoPro’s flagship models, but it does a great job in capturing life’s greatest adventures through its practical features. 

Just one glimpse at this camera and you’ll see that the XP130 is built for spontaneity. It features a three-inch display framed in a colorful casing. Its easy-access controls make it a user-friendly find even for entry-level photographers. Functionality-wise, it was designed with a 16.4MP CMOS sensor, which can record 1080p videos at 10 fps. It also has a 5x optical zoom lens and an optical image stabilization, which is not really new for its price point, but is extra handy when you’re out snorkeling or kayaking. 

The real deal that made XP130 to our list is its outstanding waterproof, freezeproof, and shockproof features. With this camera, you can swim to up to 65-feet deep, and it can also withstand temperatures as low as -10°C, which is a clear winner if you love snowboarding or skiing. Accidentally dropped your camera? The XP130 is designed to tolerate a 1.8-meter drop.  

WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled, this budget camera also allows geotagging, making it an efficient adventure camera, especially if you consider its price. But if you are looking for advanced features, you’d need to invest in a higher-class model.

1080p video capability
Waterproof, freeze-proof, and shock-proof
WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled

Basic editing features

6. AiTechny Vlogging Camera

AiTechny Vlogging Camera
Best Budget Camera for Entry-Level Vloggers
Cheap, efficient, and multi-functional, the AiTechnny vlogging camera keeps your content rolling with its practical features.


Investing in an off-brand device is a risky business, but AiTechny proves why it deserves a room in your camera bag with its latest offering, the 4K AiTechny video camcorder. Aesthetically, there is nothing special about this gadget, but it captures images and videos at a decent quality–something that entry-level vloggers should definitely consider. 

Since it was designed mainly for vlogging, it features a 3.5-inch display, which is larger than most cameras on our list. It is available with one of three lenses: wide-angle, macro, and prime. Its 4k video capability is matched with a 48MP image resolution, which gives it a huge advantage over other models that big brands carry. It also has built-in basic features such as anti-shake, face detection, and loop recording. 

Its weak point, however, is its zooming ability. Unlike other budget cameras that offer either optical or a combination of an optical and a digital zooming feature, AiTechny only comes with 16x digital zoom. It also falls short in terms of providing more flexible features that can make editing more experiential, but considering its price, this handy camera is a good first-time investment.

48MP image and 4K video capability
Three lenses: wide-angle, macro, and prime
Camera and webcam in one
Easy to use

No optical zoom available
Webcam function needs improvement

7. Kodak AZ401 PIXPRO 16MP

Kodak AZ401 PIXPRO 16MP
The Best Value for Money
Made for zooming and for shooting wide-angle scenes, this device ticks all the right boxes if you’re after an affordable and efficient point-and-shoot camera.


Kodak wins the race in providing the best point-and-shoot cameras under $200 with three of its products making it on our list. Just like the other two Kodak models, the AZ401 boasts an outstanding zooming ability–40x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, to be exact. Working in tandem with its 24mm wide-angle lens, the AZ401’s zooming feature won’t let you down when it comes to shooting wide scenes up close or at a distance. Indeed, Kodak really took matters seriously when they said “the sky is the limit!”

Complete with a three-inch display and an optical image stabilization feature, the Kodak AZ401 grants you maximum flexibility when it comes to editing your settings as you shoot while you’re on the move. Shoot a 180-degree panorama or record a 720p video, the AZ401 allows you to do all these and more.

A close match to the iconic AZ421, the AZ401 is a cheaper version that will offer you a great shooting experience despite some features inferior to AZ421.

16MP image and 720p video capability
40x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
24mm wide-angle lens

Short battery life

8. ROSDECA Vlogging Camera

ROSDECA Vlogging Camera
The Best Off-Brand Point-and-Shoot Camera
Great for vlogging or for daily shooting applications, Rosdeca focuses on the tiny details that make shooting a breeze for entry-level photography enthusiasts.


Just like AiTechny, Rosdeca doesn’t ring a bell to many camera enthusiasts. But if your goal is to find a user-friendly point-and-shoot camera that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, its 24MP digital camera is a great option. Bringing you back to the basics of photography, this device is able to produce HD 1080p videos for different shooting applications. Again, there’s nothing fancy about this camera, but it does live up to its claims. 

A clear advantage of Rosdeca over other compact cameras under $200 is its macro and wide-angle lens, which adds flexibility to your work setting. While its wide-angle lens allows you to shoot wider sceneries, its macro lens puts the tiniest details into a larger perspective. Designed mainly for vloggers, this camera can also be used as a webcam, and its microphone does a decent job in clipping wind noise. 

Complete with a 32GB SD card, a USB slot, and Wi-Fi connectivity, Rosdeca shifts its focus to both functionality and user-friendliness. But don’t expect a variety of scene modes or an optical zooming feature as this device only has a 16x digital zoom feature.

24MP image and HD 1080p video capability
Three lenses: wide-angle, macro, and prime
Camera and webcam in one
Decent noise-filtering microphone

No optical zoom available

How to Choose the Best Point-and-Shoot Camera

It’s hard to expect exemplary features from a point-and-shoot camera under $200, but there are cameras out there that beat the competition with their standout features. If you’re looking for a budget camera, set priorities, and stick with them. 

Do you often shoot at a distance? Look for superior optical zooming capabilities. Or perhaps you love snorkeling but you still can’t find the budget for a high-end action camera? By identifying your personal needs, you can filter your options and make an informed buying decision.