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About The Contest Themes
The Art of Photography Contest, presented by Sony, is comprised of four thematic categories. Two themes are hosted by Outdoor Photographer, and two by Digital Photo. You can enter as many of the themes as you like. Winners will be selected for each theme. Note that if you have not already, you will need to register separately on both websites.

Theme 1 Action Storytelling
With David McLain

Seizing the decisive moment, the peak action that suggests the narrative before and after. What happened, and what will happen.

Theme 2 Conservation In Focus
With Cristina Mittermeier

Photography can be a powerful tool to protect places and cultures at risk from development and population pressure.

Theme 3 Environmental Portraits
With Brian Smith

Capturing people in illustrative surroundings and situations creates the total picture of the person and personality.

Theme 4 Light Is The Subject
With Andy Katz

Composition defines the image space, but exceptional light and contrast turn subjects from ordinary to extraordinary.