Top 10 Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas (for Stunning Images This February)

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas (for Stunning Images This February)

Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas? Do you want to capture some amazing Valentine’s Day images, but you’re fresh out of ideas?

Don’t worry.

Because in this article, I’m going to give you 10 amazing photoshoot ideas.

So that this Valentine’s Day, you can have lots and lots of fun with your camera! Whether you’re single, married, or deeply in love, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s get started.

1. Create Stunning Macro Images of Red Roses

When you’re struggling to come up with a photoshoot idea, here’s my biggest recommendation:

Bring out that macro lens.

Because a macro lens will help you see the world differently. It will open up so many photo opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

That’s true all the time–but on Valentine’s Day, you can use a macro lens to create something especially cool:

Macro images of red roses.

I recommend purchasing a few roses from your local grocery store (they’re bound to have some in stock!), then take them home and put them in a vase.

Position the roses so that they’re well-lit, either by a window, or by your off-camera flash.

Then start taking photos. Aim to get a mix of wider images that show the rose as a whole, and close-up, abstract-style images that will look incredibly unique.

Note that you’ll want to switch your macro lens to manual focus because it’s deeply frustrating to try to focus at high magnifications with your lens’s AF system.

Oh, and if you don’t have a macro lens, don’t worry.

Just find your closest-focusing lens, and go nuts!

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2. Put Your Rings in a Book (to Create a Heart!)

Here’s another Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea that relies on a macro lens, or at least a lens that can focus pretty close:

Heart shadows.

This is often done by wedding photographers when photographing the couple’s rings, but you can do it at home pretty easily.

Just take off your own ring or your significant other’s ring.

Put it in a book, dead-center between the pages.

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Then position the book so that the light comes from directly in front or behind it. You can use window light for this, or an off-camera flash (though if you do go with an off-camera flash, make sure it’s sufficiently modified by a diffuser of some sort).

If all goes well, you’ll get a beautiful heart shadow, like this:

I recommend shooting the ring from all different angles, trying to capture a combination of the ring and the resulting heart shadow. And I also recommend you play around with the positioning of the lighting for unique shots.

Make sense?

3. Do an Outdoor Photoshoot of Your Significant Other

If you have a significant other this Valentine’s Day, then what better way to spend your time than with an outdoor photoshoot?

Depending on your location, the weather might be cold.

But that’s part of the fun!

So ask your significant other to dress appropriately, perhaps adding some reds and pinks into the mix.

Then take a walk to your favorite local photoshoot site, and go crazy with your camera.

One thing to bear in mind is the light:

If it’s cloudy, then you’ll get some lovely diffused lighting, which means that it’s a good idea to head out during the middle of the day.

(Wait too long, and things will start to darken.)

If it’s sunny, then it’s a good idea to go out during the evening, because the light will become a lovely golden color that will easily take your images to the next level.

Oh, and try to get at least one photo of you and your significant other together. You’ll want a memory of the occasion!

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4. Capture a Compelling “Follow Me” Image

Follow Me was an Instagram craze a while back, but it’s still managing to capture hearts and minds today.

Here’s how it works:

Grab a wide-angle lens.

Grab your significant other.

Go to a place you both love, a place where you’d both want to step into.

And ask your significant other to take your hand and guide you inside–while you take photos.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with some intimate, romantic images like this:

That really emphasize your connection to your significant other, and your love for one another.

Plus, you’ll be able to look back on the images in years to come–and I guarantee you’ll smile.

5. Photograph Your Child With Valentine’s Day Goodies

This one requires a child, so it’s exclusively for parents.

Here’s the thing:

Everyone is always talking about how Valentine’s Day is meant for couples.

But children can take part in Valentine’s Day, too! Children like the chocolates, they like the colors, and they like the balloons.

So why not give them what they want?

Instead of photographing your significant other, try photographing your child, instead. Give them some nice Valentine’s Day props, such as chocolates or hearts, and ask them to do fun things with the items. Tell them to eat the chocolate or make a mess with the hearts–whatever you need to get some unique images.

It may not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea out there…

…but it should certainly make for some lasting memories!

6. Create a Flat Lay With Your Valentines

If you’re the type of person who receives tons of Valentine’s Day gifts (or buys lots of gifts for yourself), then this idea is for you:

Take all your gifts.

Clear a table.

And place your gifts in a flat lay!

Flat lays are very fun, because they often have a modern, upbeat feel.

Plus, flat lays make great Instagram and Facebook posts.

Try to place a dominant item somewhere into the flat lay, generally off-center–something that the viewer’s eye can focus on, like a large cutout heart or a box of chocolates.

And then add supporting elements in the form of cards, candy hearts, roses, and anything else you have on hand.

If you don’t feel like you have enough gifts to make this work but you want to try it anyway, then consider creating some Valentine’s Day items of your own. You can cut hearts out of paper, make confetti out of tissue paper, blow up some balloons–nothing is off-limits!

What matters is that you have fun creating your flat lay.

And that you get some stellar photos, of course!

7. Photograph Valentine’s Day Signs

On Valentine’s Day, you can often find lovey-dovey signs everywhere.

Grocery stores will have them near the Valentine’s Day flowers.

Department stores will put them near the checkout counter.

And couples will buy them for each other, left and right.

I’m talking about cards, balloons, coffee mugs, and more, all of which say things like, “Be mine,” and “Love you!”

So why not play a game with yourself…

…and see how many Valentine’s Day signs you can photograph?

But try to do it creatively. Instead of just documenting the presence of the signs, turn them into a real piece of art. See if you can capture some abstract images of the different signs. See if you can capture people interacting with the signs–walking by them, looking at them, etc.

Of course, this will require some concentration, and I don’t recommend spending too much time doing it, especially if you’re spending time with your significant other.

But you can certainly take a few snaps whenever you see an opportunity!

8. Capture Images of Valentine’s Day Chocolate

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is the chocolate.

But while it’s great to eat Valentine’s Day chocolate…

…it’s also something you can use for a fun photoshoot.

For instance, you can photograph the chocolates themselves, for some cool macro shots.

Or you can ask your significant other to eat the chocolates, and photograph them as they pop them into their mouth.

What you do with the chocolates is your call, but there’s certainly a lot of great opportunities out there!

9. Shoot Your Significant Other on a Beach

Everyone loves beaches.

And they’re very, very romantic.

Which is why, if there’s a beach nearby, I recommend you head over to it–and do a Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

You should capture photos of you, your significant other, and the two of you together. You should try all sorts of different approaches; get in the water, run on the sand, laugh, and have fun together.

After all, what’s a Valentine’s Day photoshoot without some fun?

For a beach photoshoot, I definitely recommend going out early or late in the day, when the sun is low in the sky and you get some beautiful golden light.

You can try photographing your significant other from a frontlit direction, or–for a more dramatic take–use backlight, or even sidelight.

That way, you’ll end up with some very cool, unique shots.

Of your significant other on a beach during Valentine’s Day, no less!

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10. Head Out for a Romantic Sunset Photoshoot

Here’s your final Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea:

Have a romantic sunset stroll…

…that turns into a photoshoot.

Of course, this one only works if the weather cooperates. So check the forecast ahead of time.

And if things are looking good, head on out!

As I’ve already mentioned, sunset is a great time for photography–especially Valentine’s Day photography.

The golden sunset will lend a warm, comfortable feeling to your images.

Plus, it’s extremely flattering; golden light is one of the best forms of lighting for portrait photography, and one of the best forms of lighting, period.

So don’t let the opportunity go by. When sunset starts, bring out that camera.

And have a wonderful time.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas: Conclusion

Now that you’ve finished this article, you should have some exciting ideas for the next Valentine’s Day.

So just make a mental note of them–and you’ll be able to capture some gorgeous, meaningful images!

What camera should I use for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot? If you’re after some amazing Valentine’s Day shots, I recommend you start by asking yourself what kind of photos you’re looking to take. If you want to take a casual snapshot or two, then a smartphone or a point and shoot camera will work just fine. But if your goal is to capture stunning portraits, then I’d highly recommend you use a DSLR or mirrorless camera, as this will offer you tremendous flexibility and the potential for beautiful image quality!

What’s the best lens for Valentine’s Day photography? That depends on what you want to photograph! If you’re capturing Valentine’s Day portraits, then I’d recommend either a 50mm or an 85mm lens (though a 70-200mm lens works as well). If you’re hoping to do some Valentine’s Day flat lays, then a close-focusing 50mm lens is a good idea. And if you’d prefer to create some scenic Valentine’s Day shots, then use a 35mm lens or wider.

How do I photograph a Valentine’s Day flat lay? First arrange the flat lay, making sure that you create a compelling composition (try to include a dominant object in the flat lay to anchor the viewer, as well as surrounding supporting elements). Next, use a standard lens (50mm works well), and position it directly over the flat lay arrangement (so that the camera’s LCD is parallel to the flat lay). If you have a lot of light, you can take the shot handheld, but I’d highly recommend working with a tripod–plus, a tripod allows you to ensure that the flat lay is perfectly parallel to your camera. Last, take the shot! If you find that not everything is in focus, you may need to move back farther; alternatively, you can narrow the aperture to increase the depth of field.