Top 100 Iconic Locations: Africa

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Pyramids of Giza
GPS Coordinates:
29°58′46.11″ N, 31°08′09.56″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 29.979474999999900
LON 31.135988888888800
The Pyramids at Giza are three ancient massive stone-constructed tombs commissioned as burial chambers to house Egyptian royalty in their transition to the afterlife. The complex consists of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu), Menkaure, Khafre and the Great Sphinx, which bears Pharaoh Khafre’s face on the body of a lion, built to protect his tomb from invaders. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and while all these structures are made of limestone, the Khafre pyramid has the unique polished limestone apex, which is rather distinct from the other pyramids. The pyramid complex is located just outside of Cairo in the desert and offers great shots for capturing all three pyramids from a distance, including the Great Sphinx, or each of them individually. You can even climb them at your own risk.

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Hatshepsut Temple
GPS Coordinates:
25°44′14.06″ N, 32°36′31.18″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 25.737238888888800
LON 32.608661111111100

Masai Mara
GPS Coordinates:
1°28′45.43″ S, 35°04′12.59″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT -1.479286111111110
LON 35.070163888888800

Marrakech Market
GPS Coordinates:
31°37′38.23″ N, 7°59′20.43″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 31.627286111111100
LON -7.989008333333330

Namib Desert, Namibia
GPS Coordinates:
24°43′39.23″ S, 15°29′27.32″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT -24.727563888888800
LON 15.490922222222200

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
GPS Coordinates:
2°27′28.67″ S, 34°49′04.80″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT -2.457963888888880
LON 34.818000000000000


Early to bed,
early to rise
We’re not saying to avoid the nightlife, but consider getting some early shut-eye at least once on your adventure so you can explore the city in the early-morning light, before crowds fill the streets.


Chambura Gorge (chimps)
GPS Coordinates:
0°09′26.30″ S, 30°05′24.71″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 0.157305555555555
LON 30.090197222222200

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Mgahinga Gorilla
National Park
Kisoro, Uganda
GPS Coordinates:
1°22′03.00″ S, 29°40′45.18″ E
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT -1.367500000000000
LON 29.679216666666600


Double-bag it
Ideally, you’re going to want two camera bags when you travel. You’ll need one large bag that can port all of your gear, including lenses, flash, reflectors and your laptop and accessories, but you’re not going to want to lug all of that around on day trips. A smaller bag that can carry just the basics for the day—your camera, a lens or two, extra batteries, memory cards and select filters—will be much easier to manage as you navigate through you

r destination.