Top 100 Iconic Locations: Northeast Quadrant

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Skyline of New York City
from the Hudson River
Manhattan, New York, USA
GPS Coordinates:
40° 43′ 29.85″ N
74° 01′ 40.59″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 40.706625000000000
LON -74.012205555555500
The skyline of New York City is ever-changing and is host to some of the largest skyscrapers in the world. A particularly amazing view and perspective of this skyline is available from the shores of the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, from the Hudson River itself taking a ferry to Ellis Island or even from the Statue of Liberty. Among some of the standout skyscrapers are the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, two excellent specimens of Art Deco architecture. Manhattan, the centerpiece and island borough of New York City, shows the ingenuity of hundreds of years of American architecture, and from the Hudson, the view is unmatched.

Navy Pier  
Chicago, Ilinois, USA
GPS Coordinates:
41° 53′ 30.91″ N
87° 35′ 57.05″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 41.891919444444400
LON -87.599180555555500

Acadia Maine Coastline
Maine, USA
GPS Coordinates:
44° 19′ 15.83″ N
68° 11′ 17.16″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 44.321063888888800
LON -68.188100000000000

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Maine, USA
GPS Coordinates:
43° 50′ 13.03″ N
69° 30′ 21.77′ ′ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 43.836952777777700
LON -69.506047222222200

Great Falls  
Maryland, USA
GPS Coordinates:
38° 59′ 49.33″ N
77° 15′ 10.59″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 38.997036111111100
LON -77.252941666666600

Maryland State House  
Annapolis, Maryland, USA
GPS Coordinates:
38° 58′ 44.68″ N
76° 29′ 28.33″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 38.979077777777700
LON -76.491202777777700

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Boston Public Garden  
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
GPS Coordinates:
42° 21′ 10.26″ N
71° 04′ 13.28″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 42.352850000000000
LON -71.070355555555500

Mackinac Bridge  
Between Upper and Lower Michigan Peninsula, Michigan, USA
GPS Coordinates:
45° 47′ 15.41″ N
84° 43′ 46.35″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 45.787613888888800
LON -84.729541666666600

Boundary Waters Canoe Area  
Minnesota, USA
GPS Coordinates:
47° 49′ 0″ N
91° 12′ 0′ ′
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 47.816666666666600
LON -91.200000000000000

Delaware Bay
(Horseshoe Crabs)
New Jersey, USA
GPS Coordinates:
39° 02′ 36.72″ N
74° 55′ 56.44″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 39.043533333333300
LON -74.932344444444400

Brooklyn Bridge
New York, New York, USA
GPS Coordinates:
40° 42′ 27.58″ N
73° 59′ 55.67″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 40.707661111111100
LON -73.998519444444400


Try black-and-white
With the Monochrome Picture Style setting on the EOS 5D, you can shoot black-and-white images in-camera. The advantage of doing this rather than converting color images later in the computer is that you can check them on the LCD monitor in black-and-white, and apply popular filters (yellow, orange, red or green) and image tones (sepia, blue, purple or green) via the Picture Styles menu. If you shoot the monochrome images in RAW format, you can even convert them to color using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software that comes with the camera. For more on the EOS 5D, click here.


Nighttime at Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, New York, USA
GPS Coordinates:
43° 04′ 45.22″ N
79° 04′ 35.69″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 43.079227777777700
LON -79.076580555555500

Circleville Pumpkin Festival
Judging Day  
Circleville, Ohio, USA
GPS Coordinates:
39° 35′ 20.93″ N
82° 54′ 45.18″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 39.602116666666600
LON -82.945777777777700

LOVE Sculpture  
JFK Plaza, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
GPS Coordinates:
39° 57′ 24.96″ N
75° 09′ 52.41″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 39.954155555555500
LON -75.165391666666600

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Cherry Blossoms in the Spring along the Potomac Basin  
Washington, D.C., USA
GPS Coordinates:
38° 53′ 22″ N
77° 3′ 1″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 38.889444444444400
LON -77.050277777777700
There’s probably no better place to shoot in D.C. in March than where the cherry blossoms make their annual display. As a gift from the Japanese mayor of Tokyo in 1912, Washington, D.C., was given two sakura (cherry blossom) trees, which evolved into a massive lineup of trees all over our nation’s capitol. Shooting in front of the Lincoln Memorial, you can capture the expansive National Mall with cherry blossom trees and the Washington Monument in the foreground, for iconic images of springtime.

Washington Monument
from the Mall  
Washington, DC, USA
GPS Coordinates:
38° 53′ 22.90″ N
77° 01′ 13.16″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 38.889694444444400
LON -77.028655555555500


Share your vision
When you’re photographing people, take advantage of your camera’s LCD to show your subjects the results. This feedback can help relax subjects and create a more dynamic interaction between you and them, which always results in better photos.