Top 100 Iconic Locations: Northwest Quadrant

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Pike Place Market  
Seattle, Washington, USA
GPS Coordinates:
47° 37′ 30.71″ N, 122° 20′ 25.99″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 47.608530555555500
LON -122.340552777777000
Pike Place Market is the oldest public farmer’s market in the country, and offers a variety of photographic opportunities. Situated in downtown Seattle on the Elliott Bay Waterfront, the market offers open-air shops and stands, and most notably the Pike Place Fish Market, where employees toss large fish to each other and then prep them for sale. It’s a slice of the economy and culture of the Pacific Northwest that’s delicious for the eyes as well as the palette. Try both wide and telephoto compositions of early-evening shoppers below the market’s bright red neon signs and dwindling sunset light.

Going To The Sun Highway 
Glacier Park, Montana, USA
GPS Coordinates:
48° 41′ 45.20″ N
113° 43′ 02.09″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 48.695888888888800
LON -113.717247222222000

Bandon Beach 
Oregon, USA
GPS Coordinates:
43° 06′ 48.04″ N
124° 25′ 49.84″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 43.113344444444400
LON -124.430511111111000

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Crator Lake 
Oregon, USA
GPS Coordinates:
42′ 56′ 29.66″ N
122° 06′ 21.54″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 42.941572222222200
LON -122.105983333333000

Oregon Haystacks
Canon Beach, Oregon, USA
GPS Coordinates:
45° 56′ 39.17″ N
123° 59′ 27.03″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 45.94421389
LON -123.9908417


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Mount Rushmore
National Memorial
South Dakota, USA
GPS Coordinates:
43° 52′ 36.74″ N
103° 27′ 16.12″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
American Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are the 60-foot faces carved of granite in this American landmark in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Commissioned by President Calvin Coolidge in 1925, Danish-American sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his team used dynamite and various tools to the likenesses. The best vantage points are the Grandview Terrace, which is above the museum, and the Presidential Trail, a boardwalk and trail that allow visitors to get up close to the monument.


Get focused
For moving subjects, use the Canon EOS 5D’s AI-Servo AF, which continuously focuses on the subject and even predicts its exact distance at the instant of exposure. For stationary subjects, use One-Shot AF. If the subject is stationary but you expect it to move, try AI Focus AF, which automatically switches from one-shot to servo when it detects subject movement. The EOS 5D features nine AF points. You can select any of them to suit your composition, or let the camera elect the appropriate one automatically. For more on the EOS 5D, click here.


Olympic National Park
Washington, USA
GPS Coordinates:
48° 00′ 03.48″ N
123° 30′ 33.26″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 48.00096666666666
LON -123.50923888888889

Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park  
Washington, USA
GPS Coordinates:
46° 47′ 09.07″ N
121° 44′ 15.74″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 46.78585277777778
LON -121.73770555555555

The Space Needle  
Seattle, Washington, USA
GPS Coordinates:
47° 37′ 12.61″ N
122° 20′ 55.76″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 47.620555555555500
LON -122.349413888888000

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Snake River Overlook
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
GPS Coordinates:
43° 45′ 15.48″ N
110° 37′ 28.52″ W
Microsoft® Virtual Earth™:
LAT 43.754300000000000
LON -110.624588888888000
Also known as the Snake River Overlook, the Grand Teton Overlook is located just outside of the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Highway 191. Ansel Adams popularized this spot, and photographers continue to flock here to get a shot of the meandering Snake River with the Grand Tetons in the background. The overlook offers unparalleled views that make for dramatic panoramic photographs year-round. It’s truly one of the great places in the U.S. that you shouldn’t pass up if you’re looking for an amazing landscape to add to your photo collection.


Wide-angle for portraits
Most people think of a moderate telephoto when photographing people, but using a wide-angle can allow you to capture more of your subject’s interesting environment. Do watch out for distortion, though. It’s good to get close to your subject, but get too close and the wide-angle perspective may overly exaggerate your subject’s facial features. If this happens, take a step back. For more on the EF 24-105mm, click here.