Top 100 Iconic Locations: What Is Virtual Earth

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What Is Virtual Earth™?

Microsoft Virtual Earth is the next generation in mapping technology. With Microsoft Virtual Earth, a bird’s-eye view is just the beginning. Locate and innovate by layering important information on top of map imagery. From multimedia yellow pages to up-to-the-minute storm tracking, the latest Virtual Earth tools offer even greater control.

What you see in the Top 100 Iconic Photo Locations of the World is just a sample of the program—there’s more!

Click here to download the full, 3D-enabled version of Microsoft Virtual Earth for a visually rich and exciting virtual experience across the planet.


Windows Live Search
Live Search Maps is a free global mapping and search service. You can search for landmarks in specific locations, see bird’s-eye views of many major cities and explore your world in new ways. You can view three-dimensional maps. You can also create and publish 3D models for other Live Maps view to see by using Virtual Earth – 3DVIA (Beta).

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Double-clicking on a region will make the map zoom in to the location.
Use the click wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out of the Virtual Earth map.
Click on the directions of the compass to move north, south, east or west.
The Road View shows you local streets and highways.
The Aerial View shows you a view of the location from above.
The Hybrid View combines the Road and Aerial views to show you a location from above with markings that signify the local roads and highways.
The 3D View takes you on a virtual journey across the planet. To get started, download the full version of Microsoft Virtual Earth.
Type in the GPS coordinates of any location in the fields below the map (try one of the locations featured in this month’s PCPhoto). Click “Go” and you’ll be taken directly to the location on the map.
Want to learn more about a particular location? Click on the magnifying-glass icon next to the name of any location, and you’ll automatically be taken to a Windows Live Search query.
The star icon signifies a pick from one of our staff members. Either one of our team members has been there, or we just really like the place. Plus, it’s guaranteed to be a great photo location!