Weekend Reading 1.18.20

Weekend Reading 1.18.20

What a week you guys. I’ve had my head down focused and working. The truth is I’m trying to launch a new business/website by the end of the month and that deadline is looming. But I made a promise to myself that I have to keep, so look for that exciting reveal at the end of the month. Forgive me if it feels a little bit like radio silence around here, that’s where my head is and where I’m spending my energy right now.

I booked a second trip today! In March I’m headed to the Florida Keys. I’ve can’t believe I’ve lived this long and never even touched foot in Florida. I’ve been all over the west coast but I still have a lot I haven’t seen several cities on the east coast so why not start at the bottom, right? 🙂 The Florida Keys have always intrigued me, so I booked a trip to explore Key West and Key Largo. The flight was so cheap I couldn’t resist! Fill me in on any hot spots or not-to-miss sights for those of you that have visited or lived there!

Favorite links from the week:

Beautiful blue cabinets and a Mediterranean tile fireplace in this California bungalow.

One simple addition takes IKEA wall shelves to another level!

These cactus installations are the prettiest.

Very chic and so easy to make: these simple knot DIY macramé planters.

Do you know musicals? I scored 100% on this quiz!

This is an insightful post by Jen on dealing with a “midlife crisis”.

Aw so sweet! This 6 year old’s effort to help save koalas.

Now this I have to try! Brownies made with cauliflower.

Slow cooker recipes made with 5 or less ingredients.

The best paying jobs of 2020.