Weekend Reading 10.11.20

Weekend Reading 10.11.20

It is the most beautiful day here, the sun is shining and the air quality is good! Today’s adventure includes dinner with some friends, they have an amazing outdoor kitchen and a house next to a vineyard. I’ll try to remember to share some pictures on Instagram!

This week, I finished the travel documentary Long Way Down and now I’m mesmerized by southern Africa. I want to spend a month traveling through that country to experience the culture and wildlife. Why is it every travel documentary just makes your list of places you want to visit grow bigger? 🙂

Favorite links from the week:

Two dreamy getaways: this captain’s shack in Hobart, Tasmania…

… and these glass lodges in Iceland.

Two gorgeous kitchens in House Beautiful, one with blue patterned tile …

… the other in grasscloth & gray blue.

The Lume is coming to Indianapolis in 2021: you can walk inside a Van Gogh painting.

Yes you can replace your own window screen. Karen shows you how.

50 famous wedding gowns.

20 lodges to stay at when on safari in Africa.

Make time for the 17 original holiday movies coming to Netflix!