Weekend Reading 11.15.20

Weekend Reading 11.15.20

Sunday hellos! This week I bought a new pair of running shoes and I’ve started jogging a few miles a day again. It hurts when you’ve been absent from it for awhile (my shins!) but I’ve got to do something since the gyms are still closed here in my county, so running it is. I also signed up for an online yoga and indoor workout subscription, until I can get back to using my gym’s equipment. How are you finding ways to stay active during Covid and in winter?

I’m going to be posting some gift suggestions in between a few simple DIY projects I’m working on and also holiday decorating ideas. I’m promoting mostly small businesses so let me know if there are any I could highlight.

Favorite links discovered this week:

Wow, so different than the before! This fresh + modern bathroom renovation.

This marble slab backsplash + shelf with black cabinets and quartz countertops is so good.

Do you like moody spaces? You’ll like these black painted dining rooms.

Five tips for the healthiest houseplants.

Eddie’s shades of pink Thanksgiving tablescape is très chic.

Made me smile on 11/11: Soldiers dancing to Footloose. 🙂

Virtually wander through these five Christmas markets around the world.