Weekend Reading 3.22.20

Weekend Reading 3.22.20

The last time I ate at a restaurant was a week ago, before the Bay Area (and now all of California) went into full lockdown. Since then the world has dramatically changed. Everyone is staying a minimum of 6 feet apart. I’m only able to see friends and extended family via FaceTime or Zoom. This article offers a glimpse of life in California right now.

I rotate through different emotions each day. When I’m walking in the sunshine, I feel gratitude for clean air and the ability to move. When I cook, I feel gratitude for a pantry, refrigerator, and shelter. But when I read too many news reports, I am saddened for all the loss we’re feeling collectively. Loss of contact, loss of freedom, loss of income, and coming soon, loss of life for many.

My stepdaughter is an ER nurse in San Diego, and yesterday she sent us pictures of the huge isolation tents they’ve construted to prepare for the coming tsunami of patients they anticipate treating in the upcoming weeks. There are several nurses in my family, and I’m sure you all have health care workers in yours. Our medical workers need our support more than ever to battle this virus. It’s nice to read that major companies are stepping up to get them masks and more ventilators as soon as possible.

I launched a travel inspired art shop and blog a month ago. Amazing timing, right? Who could have predicted the entire world would come to a halt. I look forward to the days when we can all return to traveling, meanwhile I’ll continue to create more art and offer it for sale in the shop. I mentioned yesterday on the Instagram account that all instant downloads are 50% off through Easter, so most of the art is less than $5 with the code SPRINGSALE, just in case you’d like to add a print to your space. Walgreens is still open so you can get same day prints including posters up to 24×36” for your walls, and they are offering 40% prints right now. The one you see below in my small studio space is Big Island Walk, a photograph I took last year while walking on a black sand beach in the Polulu Valley. Oh to be walking there right now *sigh*.

What are you all doing these days to create a sanctuary at home? During the day, I work at my studio. I’ve cleaned, I’ve organized, I’ve fluffed pillows. I’ve made tea. I’m also surrounding myself with favorite scents. Being stuck indoors inspired a roundup of some of my favorite scented oils and sprays, the ones I find calming.

From left to right: the Earl Grey candle from Target; ODE rose scented hydration oil from a tour of McEvoy Ranch , I rub it on my hands and arms once a day. My favorite smelling body oil is organic Ancient Greek Remedy, a lavender and almond oil blend, for arms, neck, shoulders, and face. This Majestic Pure muscle massage oil with arnica and lavender is really nice after a workout or a shower. World Market’s eucalyptus mint pillow spray is light and fresh at night, and it doesn’t last long so it’s not overpowering. Classic Lavande hand lotion is my favorite for hands because of all this extra hand washing! Finally, the Suki nourashing facial oil is my favorite for face, I buy it a few times a year, I’m addicted to its soothing light scent and lovely feel on my face.

Since most of the news is doom and gloom, this weekend’s roundup is a combination of sources of diversion and learning, and some positive news stories spied online.

The most impressive Sharpie wall I’ve seen.

How to have a social life while practicing social distancing.

Tour the most famous museums like the D’Orsay and the Ufiizi with Google’s Arts & Culture collection.

You can take over free Ivy League Courses online, many of them offer certificates.

There are 10 live cams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and four at the Vancouver Aquarium.

NASA’s entire media library is now copyright free.

“Pink noise” and what it can do for you.

13 recipes that start with a can of beans.

Vegan friendly freezer meals.

Great idea: we can all hang our Christmas lights to spread hope.

Satellite emissions data showing a lot less pollution in the air.

A live sports commentator’s hilarious reports on everyday activities. 🙂


Be well my friends. Sending you all a virtual hug.

I’ll be back Tuesday for the beginning of the Pattern Making Basics series.