Weekend Reading 4.12.20

Weekend Reading 4.12.20

Happy Easter everyone! Our Sunday will be totally low key for obvious reasons, it includes Zoom calls to family and ordering takeout from a local restaurant. I’m proud of myself that I’ve been keeping busy staying active! As hard as it is to only roam my neighborhood, I’m still feeling connected to people and I know we can survive this quarantine. I keep reminding myself it’s only temporary! I’m watching the changes in everyone’s yards, the trees and flowers in bloom and I’m grateful it’s spring!

I ordered some seed starts to plant and I’m doing some gardening this week. I’m going to build a minimalist trellis for a climbing vine with simple lattice, I’ll share that project soon. Are you all getting out into the garden too? Has spring arrived for you yet?

Favorite links:

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Now available: every single season of Bob Ross painting.

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Stay healthy out there friends!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the final post on Pattern Making Basics. 🙂