Weekend Reading

It’s true, I haven’t even started decorating for the holidays yet. But I have been enjoying every one else’s homes and posts, and it’s putting me in the mood, so I might start this week since I finally have some free time. 🙂

In entertainment news, I started watching The Crown again. The first two seasons were a little slow for me, but I did hear the third season is good. Thoughts? My teens coaxed me into signing up for Disney Plus, they tell me it’s got everything, even access to all the old movies and Disney channel shows they watched when they were kids. I love National Geographic and my son is a huge Star Wars fan so that alone seems worth it to me. Did you subscribe?

Favorite links from the week:

Hope for renters: this kitchen makeover happened with the owner’s approval.

Well done: this floating bathroom vanity created from IKEA cabinets.

Impressive! This DIY painted tile backsplash.

This DIY garland is a sweet way to display your ancestors.

Mr. Rogers, openheartedness, and thoughts on the new movie A Beautiful Day.

I loved this ode to handwriting, the “craft and rarity” of pen to paper. *

Creative fall salads to add more greens to your Thanksgiving feast.

Funny: how to go for a run in 22 simple steps.

*My fifteen year old daughter is left handed and I asked her, how do you feel about being a left handed writer? Her reply: “My hand is always curled around the pencil or pen and I always get ink or lead on my hand. My partner can never see what I’m writing when I’m doing group projects. People always comment, “Oh, you’re left handed? What’s that like?” I always have to tilt my notebook to write, but right handed people don’t. And teachers never have left handed scissors! But thank you Mom for never making me write with my right hand when I wanted to use my left. I like being left handed, it makes me unique.”